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Africanity Central important in ritual beliefs to most groups.
Communal vs. convergent cities Cities with all having unique characteristics but also sharing commonalities.
Delhi sultanate ____________ was the Hindu kingdoms in northern India, which was established into a Islamic state.
Diasporic communities Where they introduced their own cultural traditions into the indigenous culture.
Ghana South of the Sahara in the western Sudan.
Great Zimbabwe Inland from the coastal cities was a powerful state on the plateau south of the Zambezi river.
Griots Advised kings and used their tales to pass down important traditions from generation to generation.
Hausa ___________ and kanem bornu came to be powerful during the 15th century.
IIbn battuta Studied Islamic laws and Arabic literature.
Mali Dominated area between 13th and 15th century.
Mansa musa Ruled from 1312 to 1337.
Marco polo Was captured by soldiers from the rival trade city Genoa.
Monsoons The tropical areas around the Indian ocean have wet and dry seasons that are influenced heavily by alternating winds.
Songhay Dominated in 15th and 16th century, lived in the middle areas of the Niger river valley.
Stateless society A common form of social organization in Africa during and after the Bantu migrations.
Sundiata The legendary "Lion-King" who conquered all others in the mid 13th century.
Swahili coast Center of trade and Islamization was developing at the same time along the east coast of arfica in several trade centers.
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