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PE Review

Review for final PE test

What are the benefits of Cardiovascular Fitness? Improved self-esteem and lower risk of depression=you feel better about yourself! Reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity. Longer life with a better quality of living.
How long should you exercise in your training zone? At least 20 minutes.
What is ready position when striking with a body part? Shoulders and hips face object, eyes on ball.
What are the cues to receive a ball that you will strike with a body part? Move to get in line with ball, step with opposition, weight transfer from back foot to front foot.
What are the cues for striking, or passing a ball? In line with ball at contact, complete weight transfer, Point of contact is appropriate, eyes remain on ball until after contact.
What are the cues for follow through when striking a ball? release to target, follows through, finishes in ready position or continues to next skill.
To lift a ball higher and go a farther distance in soccer, how do you strike the ball? The point of contact would be slightly under the ball and the follow through would be up in the direction you would like the ball to go.
What is the FIT principle? Frequency, Intensity, Time
What is frequency? how often a person exercises in a given time period. Kids your age should be doing cardiovascular exercise every day of the week.
What is intensity? how hard you are working. You should be exercising in your training zone.
What is time? how long you need to exercise. If you are in the Healthy Fitness Zone for the pacer, you need to exercise for at least 20 minutes each day in your training zone to maintain this, 60 min a day if not in the zone.
If someone is not in the healthy fitness zone for the PACER test, what can they do to get in the healthy fitness zone? Exercise for at least 60 minutes a day in your training zone. Do running and cardio activities.
How can you improve your muscular strength for the fitness tests? Work on your push ups, do them while you watch tv or during commercial breaks. Challenge a family member to see who can do more.
How can you improve your muscular endurance for the fitness tests? Work on your curl ups at home. Practice them while you watch tv or during commercial breaks.
How can you improve your flexibility for fitness testing? Stretch every day.
Created by: amtarantino