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Abbreviations 2

Vet Med Terminology Abbreviations 2

RAD Radiograph
Lat Lateral
Q Every
DD Doctor discharge
DAHT Tech discharge
FB Foreign Body
VTBI Volume to be infused
Saph Saphenous vein (back leg)
Ceph Cephalic vein (front leg)
Jug Jugular
Fem Femoral
AG Anal gland
PCV Packed cell volume
mm Mucous membrane
Wt Weight
FUO Fever of unknown origin
ABC Aspiration, biopsy, cytology
abd Abdomen
ABG Arteriol Blood Gas
AC Before meals
ACTH Adrenocorticoiropic hormone
ADH Antidiuretic hormone
Ad. lib As wanted/freely
Alka-Tase Alkaline phosphatase
amt Amount
ANS Autonomic Nervous system
ant Anterior
app Appetite
A&P Anterior and posterior
AR Artificial respiration
ARF Acute renal failure
AV Atrioventricular
baso Basophil
B&A Bright and alert
BL Black
BMR Basal metabolic rate
Br Bromine
BR Brown
BUN Blood urea nitrogen
BWR Bite wound repair
c Carbon
Ca Calcium
CA Cancer/carcinoma
Can/K9 Canine
cap/s Capsules
Cast Castration
caud Caudal
CBC Complete blood count
cc Cubic centemeter
CD Canine distemper
ceph Cephalic
cerv Cervical
CFJ Coxofemoral joint
CGN Chronic glomerular nephritis
CHD Canine hip dysplasia or Coronary heart disease
CHF Congestive heart failure
chg Charge
CI Cardiac insufficiency
CIN Chronic interstitial nephritis
CI Chlorine
CM Complications
Created by: Libelle