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Terminology Abbrev


PO By mouth
SQ Subcutaneous
IM Intramuscular
IV Intravenous
TD Transdermal
SID Once a day
BID Twice a day
TID Three times a day
QID Four times a day
PRN As needed
NPO Nothing by mouth
BM Bowel Movement
N Normal
S Soft
D Diarrhea
U Urination
V+ Vomiting
D+ Diarrhea
N Normal
R Right
L Left
VD Ventraldorsal
DV Dorsalventral
BAR Bright, alert, responsive
Cysto Cystocentesis
Cath Catheter
U/A Urinalysis
GA General anesthetic
LA Local anesthetic
FF Force Feed
FB Foreign body
ml/hr Millilitres per hour
RF Right front
LF Left front
RH Right hind
LH Left hind
AG Anal Gland
BP Blood pressure
TP Total protein
HR Heart rate
RR Respiratory rate
T Temperature
CRT Capillary Refill Time
D/C Discharge or Discontinue
UTI Urinary tract infection
URTI Upper respiratory tract infection
FLUTD Feline lower urinary tract disease
OTC Over the counter
OD Right eye
OS Left eye
OU Both eyes
AD Right ear
AS Left ear
AU Both ears
Rx Prescription
Tx Treatment
Sx Surgery
Hx History
Bx Biopsy
Fx Fracture
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