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Health Test #2

Stack to study for Health and Fitness Test #2 on Unit 2

What is epithelial tissue? Tissues that provide coverage and lining for body surfaces and cavities- Glands are also made of epithelial tissue
What is connective tissue? Tissue that binds, supports, protects, and allows for the transport of substances throughout the body
What are organs made up of? Two or more tissues working together
What is the integumentary system? The covering system, integu means cover in latin
What are functions of the skin's sensory receptors? They detect changes in the internal or external environment and send messages to the brain for balance is restored
What are the layers of skin? Epidermis, Dermis, Fatty tissue- attaches skin to bones and tissues underneath
How are blackheads formed? Oil plug pushes to the surface of a pore and the oil interacts with air which turns it black
How are pimples formed? Plugged pore interacts with bacteria
What is the body odor formula? Sweat+Bacteria=Odor
What does sunlight do to one's skin? It makes it leathery and tough and increases the risk of skin cancer which can spread throughout the body
What are eyelashes for? To keep dirt and particles out of one's eyes
What are nasal hairs for? To keep particles out of one's nose
What is terminal hair? Thick, pigmented hair (head hair usually)
What is vellus hair? Thinner, non-pigmented hair
When does rapid hair growth usually occur? Puberty- 40's
What do cuticles do? They reinforce the nail
What is SPF? A sunscreen's "rating." It can indicate how much longer you can stay out compared to someone not using sunscreen
What are naming rights? A transaction where a corporation purchases rights to make a facility or event
What is product placement? The physical presence of a logo or product in the background of a show, movie, or sports event with no direct mention of the logo or product
What is the difference between name brands and store brands? Store brands are often cheaper, name brands contain additional ingredients that provide more benefits and they're usually more expensive
What's the difference between general senses and special senses? General senses are used by the skin and internal organs special senses are in the head
What is enamel? The hard covering of your teeth
What is dentin? The second layer of the tooth that is made of softer tissue and makes up the bulk of the teeth
What is pulp? The third and central part of the tooth that houses nerves and blood vessels
What is tartar? Yellow substance surrounding teeth caused by plaque buildup
What is fluoride? A mineral that strengthens enamel
How does the vision scale work? It measures your vision in relation to a "normal" person's vision
What is an antigmatism? It causes blurred or uneven vision
What is conjunctivitis? An infection of the tissues on the inside of the eye and under the eyelid- red eyes, discharge from the eye
What is a sty? An infected oil gland in the eyelid caused by a blocked hair follicle
What does an optometrist do? Examine eyes and prescribe corrective lenses
What do opthalmologists do? Treat other eye-related problems
How does the ear work? The outer ear collects sound waves and sends them down the ear canal to the ear drum, then the eardrum's vibrations cause the hammer, anvil, and stirrup to vibrate, the inner ear then picks up those vibrations and sends them to the brain via a nerve
Created by: lopiegabby