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sperm the male reproductive system cells
semen think fluid containing sperm and other secretions from the male reproductive system
ejaculation a series of muscles contractions at the height of sexual intercourse
fertilization the joining of male sperm cell and female egg cell
scrotum an external sac containing the testicles
testes two small glands that produce sperm
penis tube-shaped organ that extends from the trunk of the body just above the testes
erection blood flow to the penis increases it becomes enlarged and erect
nocturnal emissions when a male begins to produce sperm
epididymis it goes and starts sperm cells that are produced in the testes
vas derferans transports mature sperm to the urethra
ejaculatory duct sperm exists
urethra passageway through which both semen and urine leave the male body
seminal vesicles produce a sugar rich fluid (fructose) that provides sperm with a source of energy to help them move
prostate gland produce a milky fluid which is added to semen and nourishes the sperm
cowpers gland these glands produce a clear slippery fluid that empties directly into the urethra which also serves as a lubricate to neutralize and audity that may be present
foreskin the loose fold of skin that covers the glands of the penis
ova the female egg cell necessary for reproduction
uterus nourishes and protects the fertilized ovum from conception until birth
ovaries female sex that stare that ova and produce female sex hormones
ovulation the process of releasing a mature ovum into the fallipian tube each month
fallopian tubes a pair of tubes with fingerlike projections that draw in the ovum
vagina a muscular, elastic passageway that extends from the uterus to the outside of the body
endometrium tissue that lines the uterus
cervix the opening to the uterus
Labia Majora the larger outer folds of the vulva
Labia Minora the smaller, inner folds of the vulva
Day 1-13 A new is maturing inside the ovary
Day 14 The mature egg is released into one of the fallopian tubes
Day 15-20 The egg travels through the fallopian tube to the uterus
Day 21-28 After 7 days, if the eggs is not fertilized menstruation begins and lasts from 5 to 7 days
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