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The correct medical term for a urinary bladder stone is Urolith
Urine specific gravity readings indicate Dissolved solids
The ability to obtain the same results, time after time, on the same sample, is Precision
The extent to which measurements agree with the true value of the quantity measured is Accuracy
Creatinine concentrations in serum are influenced by Hydration level
Nonrenal causes of increased levels of urea might include The amount of protein ingested
Decrease in albumin may occur in Chronic liver disease
Fibrinogen is considered a part of Total plasma protein
What color blood collection tube top indicates that heparin is the anticoagulant? Green
With significant dehydration in an otherwise healthy patient which of the following would likely be seen on a urinalysis and CBC? Increased urine SG and increased PCV
Water deprivation tests should never be performed on patients with Dehydration
Glycosuria exists When blood glucose levels exceed the renal threshold for absorption of glucose
An increase in unconjugated bilirubin may be the result of Either hepatic or prehepatic failure
ALT is also known as SGPT
What blood chemistry test is not a test for liver damage? Lipase
Which of the following ions is a cation? Potassium
What percentage of the body's calcium is in bone? 99%
Electrolytes are commonly measured by what method? Ion-specific electrodes
When referring to the alteration of bilirubin in the liver, the verb conjugation means To join together
When evaluating the liver of dogs and cats, AST should be evaluated in conjunction with ALT
Plasma is composed of 90% water and 10% dissolved substances
To separate plasma from the cellular components, blood tubes should be counterbalanced and centrifuged for 10; 2000
Icteric serum is what color? yellow
Which of the following is not an electrolyte? Glucose
A test done to help diagnose hyperthyroidism is T4
When performing urinalysis testing, the sample should be analyzed within____minutes or refrigeration is required. 30
For cytologic evaluation of urine, which of the following conditions should be observed? The specimen should be centrifuged as soon as possible.
Brown urine most likely contains Myoglobin
Normal voided urine is clear, except in which of the following species? Horses
The average urine specific gravity for a healthy adult dog is 1.025
The average urine specific gravity for a healthy adult cat is 1.030
Urine crystals are estimated as the average per Low-power field
Epithelial cells in urine are estimated as the average number per High-power field
Hyaline casts Are clear and colorless
Calcium oxalate crystals Are seen with ethylene glycol toxicity
Which of the following tests is not included in a routine CBC? Reticulocyte count
MCHC is expressed in g/dl
Toxic neutrophils may show large Purple granules
Which of the following cells has a high nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio; coarse, clumped, dark-staining chromatin; and a sky blue cytoplasm? Small lymphocyte
Which of the following cells has cytoplasmic granules that stain blue to blue-black and gray-blue cytoplasm, often with small vacuoles? Basophil
Papanicolaou stains are specialized stains used in which of the following procedures? Cytologic evaluation
Mesothelial cells are cells that Line the pleural, peritoneal, and visceral surfaces
Supravital staining is Use of a stain that has low toxicity so that vital processes can be studied in live cells
Smudge cells are Created while spreading blood for making a blood smear
Megakaryocytes are the precursor cell to Thrombocytes
Approximately what percentage of the total erythrocyte mass is replaced every day in healthy mammals under normal circumstances? 1%
Basophilic stippling may be seen in erythrocytes of patients with which of the following pathologic conditions? Lead poisoning
Platelet clumping could possibly affect the Manual WBC count
The first phagocytes to respond to an infection are Neutrophils
Which of the following cells is usually associated with a chronic infection or inflammation? Monocytes
Which of the following combinations of objective lenses is the best for hematology work? 10×, 40×, 100×
Females have which of the following sex chromosome designations? XX
An increased amount of ____ seen on a stained peripheral blood smear is a sign of RBC regeneration Howell-Jolly bodies
Which of the RBC indices indicates cell size? MCV
A correction for nucleated red blood cells is done to avoid a falsely Elevated WBC count
Avian WBC counts can be determined indirectly by using what Unopette? Eosinophil
The platelets of what species tend to clump easily? Cats
RBCs with multiple, irregularly spaced projections are Acanthocytes
Reticulocytes on a modified Wright stain (e.g., Diff-Quik) appear Polychromatic
What way of reporting WBC differential results is most useful? As absolute numbers
Determination of which one of these is useful in the detection of inflammatory processes? Fibrinogen
The buffy coat in a spun hematocrit tube consists of WBCs and platelets
What cells are phagocytic? Neutrophils and macrophages
Monocytes typically have Lobular nuclei
Which one of these would not affect a manual WBC count? Objective lens used
Which of these is not a sign of RBC regeneration? Spherocytes
A left shift refers to increased numbers of Immature neutrophils
What special stain would be used in assessing anemia? New methylene blue
What order of maturation is correct? Myeloblast, promyelocyte, myelocyte, metamyelocyte
When would you absolutely not have to use a control solution? Two hours after you got acceptable results and no changes have occurred
The value that occurs most often in a set of observations is Mode
The sum of all values divided by the number of values is the Mean
What is the most immature erythrocyte? Rubriblast
What urine sediment component would be most significant? Blood cells
Struvite crystals is another name for Triple phosphate crystals
Crystals in urine sediment often indicate Nothing
Which of the following would not be on a urine dipstick? BUN
WBCs in urine sediment may be confused with Renal epithelial cells
Bacteria in urine sediment may be confused with Amorphous phosphates or urates
Casts seen in urine sediment are Formed in the renal tubules
The presence of protein in the urine may indicate Kidney disease
Which of these would not be associated with ketones in the urine? Hemolysis
Calcium oxalate crystals are Small squares that contain an X
What organ conserves nutrients, removes waste products, maintains blood pH, and controls blood pressure? Kidney
The small intestine receives digestive enzymes from the Pancreas
Bile acids aid in the digestion of Fats
Fibrinogen is produced in the Liver
Gamma globulins can be estimated by subtracting Albumin from serum total protein
What ion is important in regulating blood pH and in transporting carbon dioxide from the tissue to the lungs? Bicarbonate
It is useful to measure electrolyte values when an animal has Lost fluids
Albumin is measured to help diagnose Liver disease
What ion increases with malignancy, particularly with lymphosarcoma? Calcium
Veterinary reference ranges for blood chemistry values Often come with an analyzer and have been established by the company
Which of the following would not be an acceptable action if a control value is out of range? Ignore the result; it is a simple outlier (sporadic result)
Calibration standards for chemistry analyzers are Used by the manufacturer
The term normal is referring to Reference ranges
Which of the samples can be frozen and successfully thawed for performing an analytic test at a later time? Serum for chemistry testing
If there is only a small amount of serum separated after centrifuging a tube of whole blood, you should Rim/ring the clot and spin again at normal speed and time
Regarding the disadvantages of using commercial laboratories, which statement is false? They often do not adhere to quality control standards.
A site of blood collection that is not frequently used, primarily because it is considered painful to the animal, is toenail clip
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