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HS Bowling: Lesson 1

Key vocabulary terms from Lesson 1

Channel A modern term for the gutter
What school do you attend
Foul When part of the bowler's body touches or goes beyond the foul line as the ball is delivered.
Kickbacks The division or side boards at the end of the lane
Alley Another name for the bowling lane; also the section of pine or maple on which the ball is rolled, from the foul line to the pit
Curve A ball that has a wide sweeping arc (wider bend than a hook)
Gutter Deep groove on either side of the alley bed that catches misdirected balls and errant pins
Headpin The number 1 pin
Guide Rail A guide for blind bowlers positioned on the approach
What is today's date?
Approach Fifteen foot maple section of the lane that the bowler walks on to deliver the ball
Hook A ball that travels straight down the lane for a distance and then breaks sharply to the pocket as it nears the pins
Line A game of 10 frames
Foul line The line that separates the approach from the lane
Arrow The aiming checkpoints embedded in the lanes and used as directional guides.
Strike Out Three successive strikes in the 10th frame or striking to finish the game
Gutter Ball A poorly rolled ball that goes off the lane and into the gutter before reaching the pins
Loft Throwing the ball too far out on the lane beyond the foul line so that it ravels in the air ten inches or more before hitting the lane
Kegler Another term for "bowler". Comes from the German word kegel
Do you have your own ball?
Average An indication of a bowler's ability computed by dividing the game totals by the total number of games rolled.
Pocket Strike pocket or strike zone; space between 1-3 pins (right hander) or 1-2 pins (left hander)
Strike All pins are knocked down on the first ball
Locator Dots Dots positioned seven feet beyond the foul line and used by spot bowlers as targets
Spare All pins are knocked down with two balls
What alley do you typically bowl at?
Created by: Mary Rider