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Adjectival & Verbal Root word + Combining Forms

audi/o hearing
bio life
brachy short
brady slow
duct lead
dipl/o double or twice
dolich/o long
-ectas dilate
edem swelling
-esthes sensation
-flect, flex bend
gen/o producing
glyc/o sugar
heter/o other, different
hom/eo, hom/o same, alike
hydr/o water, fluid
-iatr/o treatment
lept/o slender, small, thin
lev/o to the left
lys/o, -lysis breaking down
mal ill, bad
malac/o soft, softening
macr/o large, oversized
morph/o form, structure, shape
necr/o death
orth/o straight, normal, correct
pachy thick
pale/o old, primitive
path-, -pathy disease
-phage, phag/o eating
-plegia paralysis
-scler/o hardness
scoli/o twisted, crooked
spasm/o spasm
-stasis standing still, stoppage
sten/o narrow, contracted
stere/o three dimensional
tachy rapid, fast
therm/o heat
troph/o nourishment, food
xer/o dry
aqua, hydr/o water
chol/e-, chol/o bile
galact/o, lac milk
hem/a, hemat/o, hem/o blood
plasma fluid portion of blood
pus liquid product of inflammation
py/o pus
serum clear portion of blood fluid
ur/e-, ur/ea-, ur/eo-, ur/in-, ur/ino-, ur/o- urine
adip/o fat
amyl/o starch
cerumen earwax
glyc/o, gluc/o sugar
lip/o, lipid fat
lith/o stone or calculus
chlor/o, chloros green
chrom/o color
cirrho orange-yellow
cyan/o blue
erythr/o red
leuc/o, leuk/o white
melan/o black
xanth/o yellow, yellowish
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