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HS Bowling: Lesson 3

Key vocabulary terms from Lesson 3

Average Indication of bowler's ability computed by dividing the game totals by the total number of games rolled.
Bedposts 7-10 split
Big Four 4-6-7-10 split Also known as the double pinochle
Turkey 3 spares in a row Do you always eat turkey on Thanksgiving?
Bucket the 2-4-5-8 leave for right-handed bowlers or the 3-5-6-9 leave for left-handed bowlers
Double Pinochle 4-6-7-10 split Also known as the big four
Sleeper A pin hidden or obscured from easy view, directly behind another pin. Also called "double wood"
Choke Failure to convert a spare while under pressure.
Dutch 200 or Dutchman 200 point game consisting of alternating strikes and spares
Blow An error, failure to spare (except following a split)
Leave The pins remaining after the first ball is rolled in a frame.
Flat Apple or Flat Ball Dead ball or ineffective ball
Bridge Distance between the finger holes.
Double Wood A pin hidden or obscured from easy view, directly behind another pin; also called "sleeper"
Lofting Pitching the ball well out on the lane.
Miss Failure to mark; same as a blow.
Blind No...not visually impaired!!! It's the score given a team for an absent player.
Error Failure to spare (except following a split); same as a "blow"
Light Hit A ball that hits the 1 pin lightly; usually results int eh 5, 7 or 10 pin leave.
Heavy A ball that hits the head pin head-on
Open Frame Frame without a strike or spare.
Cherry Picking off the front pin of a spare and leaving other pins standing; also known as a "chop".
Perfect Game Score of 300; twelve strikes in a row. What is the highest game you have ever bowled?
Double Two strikes in succession during a game.
Railroad Synonym for a split.
Brooklyn When the ball hits to the left of the headpin for right-handed bowlers, or the right of the headpin for left-handed bowlers.
Crossover Same as a Brooklyn.
Dead ball A poorly rolled ball that deflects off course How heavy is the ball you typically use?
Mark Getting a strike or spare
Created by: Mary Rider