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HS Bowling: Lesson 2

Key vocabulary terms from Lesson 2

baby split a split where the ball can be fitted in between the two pins and the 1 pin is down (ie 4-5 split, the 1 and 2 pin are down so the ball fits between 4 and 5 pin)
Question a) What is your bowling instructor's name? Mrs. Rider...write this on your Study Guide Assessment
dead wood fallen pins left lying in the lane or the gutter after the ball has been rolled
fast lane lane that cuts down on amount of hook (also called a holding lane)
frame box on the score sheet to register the score; one-tenth of a game
holding fast lane that cuts down on the amount of hook
Question b) Are you right-handed or left-handed? Write your answer on the Study Guide Assessment
kingpin the number 5 pin
return track on which the ball rolls back from the pit to the ball rack
reverse hook a ball that breaks to the right for a right-handed bowler
Question c) Which type of aiming method is the most effective? Write your answer on the Study Guide Assessment
running a slow lane that allows more hook
scratch bowler a bowler who has no handicap
soft lanes that are easy to score on
span distance between thumb and finger holes on the ball
split two or more pins left standing after the first delivery, provided the head pin is down and: a) at least one pin is down between two or more standing pins and, b) at least one pin is down immediately ahead of two or more standing pins
Question d) When a right-handed bowler has a perfect strike, what pins should the ball hit? Write your answer on the Study Guide Assessment
tap leaving just one pine, either the 4, 7, 8, or 10, on what appears to be a strike
washout the 1-2-4-10 leave for a right-hander; the 1-3-6-7 leave for a left-hander
graveyard I know you are thinking of dead people, but let's think in terms of bowling....toughest lanes for a bowler to score on
rough, tough or mean lanes that are difficult to score on
steal to get more pins than you shoot for
creeper very slow ball
headpin the number 1 pin
kegler another name for bowler
leave no...this isn't turning in your shoes and heading to your car....a leave is another word for pins left standing after your first roll
sleeper pin a split where a pin is directly behind another pin (ie: 2-8 split)
Question e) Why do we use range finders in spot bowling? Write your answer on the Study Guide Assessment
Created by: Mary Rider