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Vickie Witty test

These are the things I remember from my test - you may not get the same ?

Misc ItemAnswer
What is the height of flowers for a dinner table? 14 inches
Line (multiple choice) A visual path the eye follows to produce motion
Space(multiple choice) The element of design that we think of as open areas around individual components in a composition
Form(multiple choice) The shape or contour of the individual components in a composition
Texture(multiple choice) The physical surface qualities of the plant or flower materials
Size(multiple choice) A measurement of the amount of space something occupies such as a design or a component of a design
Things that effect the condition of flowers (choose as many as apply) Ethylene, water, floral food, transpiration, microbial activity
Humidity in cooler 90%
Transpiration the loss of water in plants and flowers
Factors effecting flower life Ethylene, microbial activity, transpiration, floral food
Tropical flower temperature 55-60
Which flower needs temp 55-60 Anthirium
Which one is line flower Gladiolus
Wiring method in general arrangements for roses and carnations Hook
3 types of bridal bouquets Round, cascade, triangluar
Wiring method for funeral work Hook
Mass flowers Adds volume to the design
Pick filler flowers from list gyp(babies breath) and statice
Texture surface qualities of a plant,smooth,rough, etc
Ph level in floral food should be higher or lower Lower? NOT SURE OF THIS
Things a retail florist can do Make or supervise making arrangements. Sell retail flower arrangements, cut flowers, and plants
The natural loss of water in plants and flowers Transpiration
Name pictured plants See targets
Name 2 kinds of balance Symmetrical and asymmetrical
Geometric design A composition with definite geometric shape, composed of line, mass or line-mass concepts, with radial stem placement
Round (FILL IN THE BLANK) A popular contemporary design exhibiting _____________ balance and radial stem placement
Created by: vickiedwitty



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