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Florist List Items

Multiple word listings

TermList of items
Primary Principles of design Proportion, Balance, Dominance, Rhythm, Contrast Harmony, Unity (Acronym PB DR CHU)
Secondary Principles of design Scale, Focal Area, Focal Point, Repetition, Accent, Depth, Transition, Opposition, Tension, Variation (Acronym SFF RAD TO TV)
5 recognizable patterns of geometric design Circular, Triangular, Hogarth curve, Crescents and Linear Shapes (Acronym CT HCL)
4 groups of flower types Line, mass, form, filler
4 basic types of wiring Hook, Hairpin, Insertion, Piercing
Some other names for round bridal bouquet Colonial, ballerina, nosegay, juliet
The 7 components of design Line, Space, Form, Texture, Pattern, Color, Size (acronym LS FT PCS)
Name 2 kinds of balance Symmetrical and Asymmetrical
Types of linear design Vertical, diagonal, horizontal
3 things to consider when choosing a container Fit/weight, pleasure to use, adaptability to various designs
Examples of line foliage Horsetail, bear grass, sanseveria
Examples of mass foliage Magnolia leaves, aspidistra, galax
Examples of form foliage Philodendron, eucalyptus, caladium
The reasons to wire flowers Give support, straighten a crooked stem, curve a stem, reduce weight
Name some foundational pins Wooden picks, steel picks, greening pins, bank pins, corsage bins, buttonneer pins, anchor pins
Name some tools to anchor arrangements Anchor tape (bulldog tape), floral tape, glue, floral adhesive tape, chicken wire
Name the common shapes for corsages Round, crescent, triangular
Name some flowers that can be feathered Carnation, chrysanthemum, marigold, orchids
Name some common flowers used in buttonneers Carnation, small gardenia, rose, lily of the valley
Name the three basic designs for sympathy work Container designs, Spray Designs, Wreath Designs
3 important points to remember when designing funeral baskets Balance, well anchored, and 1/4 material behind the handle
Name the rules to follow when using a smaller number of flowers for a spray Use only 1 color. Do not place bow in center. Use greenery in proportion to the quantity of blossoms. Use different textures. Size and shape.
What type forms are used in building a sympathy wreath Wire frame wreath, wet foam wreath rings, styrofoam, dry foam or chicken wire
What things must the floral designer determine for the funeral arrangements The type of casket, the material and the lining
Name some flowering plants for delivery African violet, azalea, amaryllis, begonia
Name some foliage plants for delivery Chinese evergreen, cast iron plant, jade plant, corn plant
Name some plants that will tolerate high light conditions Bromeliad, Norfolk Island Pine, Cactus
Who submits the questions for the retail florist exam LA State Floral Assn, LSU Ag Center, LA Dept of Agriculture and Forestry, LA floral designers
Name some warm colors Red, orange, yellow
What are some emotions that warm colors produce Anger, happiness, excitement
Name some cool colors Blue, green, violet
What are some emotions that cool colors produce Relaxation, quiet, calm
What are the neutral colors Black, white, gray
Name some flowers with natural complimentary colors Iris, Bird of Paradise
How to process flowers Inspect flowers in package, individualize flowers. Place flowers in buckets of hot water. Cut flowers underwater with bunch cutters. Dip in Cristal - Quik Dip. Lay orchids and foliage flat
The three main ingredients in floral food Sugar, bio inhibitor, acidifier
What are some flowers that benefit from submersion in water? Hydranea, Lily of the Valley, Galax, Anthurium, dendrobium, gerbera
Name some examples of filler foliage Leather leaf, pittosporium, salal
Some common ribbon widths and their numbers 1/4 in = 1; 2 1/2 inch = 40; 4 in =100; 4 1/2 in =120
What ribbon numbers (not widths) that are used for funeral work? 40 or 100
A retail florist license authorizes the holder to Arrange or supervise the arrangement of floral designs; Sell retail floral designs, cut flowers and ornamental plants in pots
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