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What do you call for to end discussion and immediately begin voting? Previous Question
A main motion has been voted on and the President states that the motion passes. However, you think that the verdict is incorrect, you call for what to immediately begin to revote Division of the Assembly
I need to use the restroom during a meeting. What do i call if i need to request to leave the room? Question of privilege
___________ is used when pending question to a small group so that it can be investigated further? Refer to a Committee
What is used to modify a main motion? Amendment
A motion has veeb properly moved and seconded. You begin to vote, but a member stands up and recognizes that voting occured without first having a discussion. When this occurs, the member is rising to a ____________. Point of Order
After properly stating the amendment, what must another member do? Second the amendment
To make a motion, I must say _________. I move
What are the four FFA degrees? Greenhand, Chapter, State and American
Which officer is responsible for keeping the minutes of a meeting? Secretary
Eli Whitney invented what? The cotton gin
The cotton gin was invented in what year? 1793
The father of the FFA is? Henry Groseclose
The official FFA colors are _______ and _____ Corn gold and national blue
The FFA motto is? Learning to do,doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve
The presidente is stationed by the ______ Rising sun
The secretary is stationed by what? Ear of corn
The advisor is stationed by the ________ Owl
The president will tap the gavel _____ to have everyone rise in unison. Three times
The 1st star farmer was ______. Carlton Patton
Girls were allowed to join FFA in what year 1969
The NFA merged with the FFA in what year? 1965
The first star agribusiness man was _________. Ken Dunagan
Who designed the FFA jacket? Gus Lintner
The 1st FFA president was __________. Leslie Applegate
The president will tap the gavel ______ to call the meeting to order. Twice
The treasure is stationed by what? Emblem of Washington
The 1st national FFA advisor was? C.H. Lane
What degree will you recive in your 1st year of Agriculture id you meet the requirements? Greenhand
The ____________-__________ act enabled Vocational Agriculture to be taught in public schools. Smith, Hughes
The FFA creed was written by who? E.M. Tiffany
What does SAE nmean? Supervised Agricultural Experience
In ______ the FFA changed its meaning to be the National FFA foundation 1988
The FFA magazine is called the ______ FFA New Horizons
The Pledge of Allegiance is our _______. FFA salute
The Vice president is stationed by what? The plow
The reporter is stationed by the ___________. American Flag
The symbol for the sentinel is the ________. Handclasps
Next year that FFA national convention will be in what city and state? Louisville, KY
Our original FFA headquarters was purchased form what President's estate? Washington
When do I share my opinion on the main motion? while discussing
Question means _________. Lets vote
Which officer has the right to make the motion first? Secretary
FFA members why are we here? (what do you say in response?) To practice brotherhood, honor, agricultural oppurtunitites and responsiblities and devlope thoes qualities of leadership, which an FFA member must possess.
What is the FFA mission? To make a positive difference in the lives of students by delvoping their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.
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