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FFA Org. History

Test Study Guide

What got Agriculture into the Classroom? When? The Smith-Hughes Act in 1917
Who is known as the father of FFA? Henry Groseclose
When was FFA established? Where? How long was it there? 1928 in Kansas City, MO 70 yrs.
Who was the first national FFA president? Leslie Appelgate
Who was the first star farmer of America? Carlton Patton
When were women allowed into FFA on the national scale? 1969
When did the NFA(FFA for African Americans) and FFA merge? 1965
What does the mission statement say it wants to develop? Premier Leadership Personal Growth Career Success
How many FFA groups does Missouri have? 5: Local Area 16 Southeast District State National
Our schools 7 main officers are: President - Cristian Castro Vice. President - Clint Jones Secretary - Evan Bishop Treasurer - Payton Glascoe Reporter - Roberto Junior Advisor - Garrett Galyean Sentinel - Garrett Williams
How many state officers are there? 16, One for each area
How many types of members of FFA are their? What are they? 4: Active Alumni Colligate Honorary
What are the colors? National Blue and Corn Gold
What is the Motto? Learning to Do Doing to Learn Earning to Live Living to Serve
Who is President? Cristian Castro
Who is Vice President? Clint Jones
Who is Secretary? Evan Bishop
Who is Treasurer? Payton Glascoe
Who is Reporter? Roberto
Who is Junior Advisor? Garrett Galyean
Who is Sentinel? Garrett Williams
What are the parts of the Emblem? Cross-section of Corn Eagle Plow Rising Sun Owl The word Agriculture/FFa
What does the Corn stand for? Commonality
What does the Eagle stand for? National Scope
What does the Plow stand for? Labor
What does the Rising Sun stand for? Progress
What does the Owl stand for? Knowledge
What do the word Agriculture/FFA intertwined stand for? You can't have one without the other
Who wrote the creed? E.M. Tiffany
What does POA stand for? Program of Activities
What do they develop? Student Development Chapter Development Community Development
Created by: JohnCook



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