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Early India

Subcontinent large landmass that juts out from a continent
Plateau raised area of level land
Monsoon seasonal wind
Veneration special regard for
Describe two ways in which geography has influenced the people of South Asia Mountains limited contact with other lands and people, steep passes through the Hindu Kush Mountains sever as gateways to migrating and invading peoples
What evidence shows that Indus Valley civilization had a well-orgainized government? They had well-planned cities
Why do we know so little about Indus Valley civilization? A natural disaster destroyed the remains of the town burying it (1500 BC)
Vedas A collection of prayers, hymns, and other religious teachings that teach us about the Aryans
Brahmins Priests
Kshatriyas Warriors
Vaisyas Herders, farmers, artisans, and merchants
Sudras Dravidians and Non-Aryans
Indra God of war
Caste social groups which people are born into and cannot change
Brahman single spiritual power
Mystics people who devote their lives to seeking spiritual truth
Rajahs Chiefs of Aryan tribes
What do the Vedas tell us about Aryan society and religion? Warriors, herders, farmers, caste system, polytheistic
How did Aryan life change as a result of expansion in India? Grew out of being nomadic and started a civilization
What kinds of lessons do Rama and Sita each in the epics of the Ramayana? Devotion, virtue
Atman Another name for brahman
Moksha Union with brahman
Reincarnation Rebirth of a soul
Karma Actions that affect next life
Dharma Religious and moral duties of a person
Ahimsa Nonviolence
Nirvana Union with the universe, release from the recycle of birth
Sects Smaller groups
Shiva The destroyer
Jainism Religion based on hindu traditions, meditation, self-denial, extreme ahisma (brooms)
Siddhartha Gautama Founder of Buddhism
Four Noble Truths All life is full of suffering pain and sorrow, The cause of suffering is the desire for things that are really illusion such as riches power and long life, The only cure for suffering is to overcome desire, The way to overcome desire is eightfold path
Theravada Original Buddhism, spiritual work
Mahayana Less intense, worshiped Buddha as god
What are three basic teachings of Hinduism Polytheistic, sacred texts (vedas), dharma
According to Buddha, what actions would allow people to escape worldly suffering? Overcoming desire and following the eightfold path
How did Buddhism spread beyond India? His followers set up all over (Tibet, Korea, Japan)
Dissent Differing or opposing ideas
Missionaries People sent on religious missions
Golden Age Period of great cultural achievements
Decimal System Numbers based on 10
Stupas Large dome-shaped shrines that housed sacred remains
Murals Wall paintings
Chandragupta Maurya First great Indian emperor
Asoka Most honored Maurya emperor
Faxian Chinese Buddhist monk who visited India in 400s
Kalidasa Greatest Gupta poet and playwright
How did Asoka bring peace and prosperity to India? Built roads, hospitals, shrines, rest houses, and spread Buddhism
What were some achievements of the kingdoms of Deccan? Temples, workshops, languages, tradition
Why is the Gupta period considered a golden age of India? Strong central government that promoted peace and prosperity, learning advance, architecture, arts
Untouchable Lowest ranked outcastes, impure jobs, hard life
Shakti Women's creative energy
Sati Widow forced to kill herself by throwing herself into her husbands funeral fire
Joint Family When extended family shares a common dwelling
Dowry Bride's families payment to pay for wedding
Describe the development of the caste system after Aryan times New castes as new people came, kept structure in the town
Structure of the traditional Indian family (woman)? Father head of house, children followed family duties and learned, wife stayed inside and did chores and showed love
Government of Indian village Ruled by most respected people of village based on castes and traditions
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