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Quick Vet Terminolog

Abdominocentesis Surgical Removal of Fluid
Cystocentesis Removing fluid surgically from cyst
Endometritis Inflammation of the endo-mucus lining of uterus
Anuria Without urine
Hypomagnesaemia Low levels of magnesium in blood
Peritonitis Inflammation of the peritonium
Seroma Fluid Filled swelling
Dysphagia Difficulty eating
Haematuria Blood in Urine
Asymptomatic Showing no symptoms
Cystitis inflammation of the bladder
Cardiology Study of the heart
Dyspnoea Difficulty in breathing
Cardiomegaly Enlargement of the heart
Diarrhoea Frequent Defaecation-Watery Faeces
Gastritis Inflammation of the Stomach
Pharyngitis Inflammation of Pharynx
Bronchitis Inflammation of the bronchus Bronchi
Enteritis Inflammation of Small intestine
Limpoma Fatty Tumor
Enlarged Liver Hapatomegaly
Enlarged or dilated Oesophagus Megaoesophagus
State of not breathing Apnoea
Procedure of looking into joint Arthoscopy
Procedure of looking in the Nasal Cavities Rhinoscopy
Procedure of looking into the colon Colonoscopy
Watery Faeces Diarrhea
Blood in the Urine Haematuria
Puppies Temp 38.3-39.2 degrees celcious
Puppies Respiration Rate 10-30 breaths per minute
Puppies Heart Rate-Pulse 220 beats per minute
Dogs Temp 37.8-39.2
Dog Respiratory Rate 10-30 breaths per minute
Dog Heart Rate 60-180 beats per minute
RER -Resting Energy Requirement RER= BW^0.75 x 293
MER -Maintenance Energy Requirement MER=RER + energy (1.2-Normal)
Created by: Melissa Jones



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