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Vet terminology

a-an- Without
ab- Away From
Ante- Before
Aut- Auto Self
Anti- Against
Brandy- Slow
Chole- Pertaining a bile
Circum- Around
Contra- Opposed
De- Down,From
Dia- Between, across
Dis- Apart, free from
Dys- Difficult, defective
e-,ec-,ex- Out, Away
Ecto- , Exo Outer
Epi- Upon, over
Inter- Between
Intra- Within
Mal- Bad, poor
Mega- Of great size
Micro- Small
Neo- New
Pan- All
Peri- Around
Poly- Many
Pseudo- False
Pyo- Pus
Re- Again, backwards
Retro- Backwards, Behind
Sub- Underneath
Steat- Fat
Tachy- Fast
-ac,-al,-ic Pertaining to
-animia Blood Condition
-centesis Surgical puncture to remove fluid
-cytosis -abnormally large number of cells
-esis,-iasis,-ism,-ity State, Result of process
-itis inflammation of
-megaly enlargement
-oma tumor, swelling
-osis abnormal condition
-penia lack of
-phagia, -phagy devouring
-pnoea breathing
-rrhage excessive flow
-rrhoea flow or discharge
-scopy examination of part of body
-thermia Related to heat
-Uria Urine
Anaemia Lack of red blood cells
Afebrile Without fever
Abductor Leading away from
Adrenal near the kidney
Adductor leading towards
Antenatal before birth
Autogenous Self generating
Autolusis Self-dissolving
Auto-immune The immune system reacting against self
Antisepsis Against infection
Antibiotic Against bacteria
Bradycardia Slow heart
Cholestasis Stoppage of Bile
Circumflex winding around
Contralateral opposite side
Dehydrate Remove water from
Decay Break Down
Diaphragm wall across
Diagnosis Complete Knowledge
Disinfection to free from infection
Dystocia difficult birth
Dysuria difficult painful urination
Dysphagia difficulty eating
Enucleate remove whole
ectopic out of place
Ectoderm outer skin
Exogenous originating outside
Epidermis outer layer of skin
Hydrocephalus fluid accumulation on the brain
intercostal between ribs
Intraocular within eye
Malocclusion Poor fit upper and lower teeth
Maldigestion Poor digestion
Megacolon Enlarged colon
Microbe Minute organism
neoplastic new tissue growth
neonatal New Born
Panacea Cure-all
Panosteitis Inflammation of bone
Periosteum Around Bone
Pericardium Around heart
Polyphagia Excessive eating
Pseudopregnacy False pregnancy
Pyothorax Pus in the thoracic cavity
Pyometra pus in Uterus
Reflex Bend Back
Regurgitation Reflux of food
Retrograde Moving backwards
Retrobulbar behind the eye
Subcutaneous under the skin
Steatorrhoea fat in the faeces
Tachycardia fast heart
Cardiac Pertaining to the heart
Haemorrhgic related to bleeding
Anaemia Lack of red blood cells
Leukaemia excess white blood cells
Hypovolaemia low blood volume
Thoracocentesis From chest cavity
Abdominocentesis From abdominal cavity
Leucocytosis Increased no. of white blood cells
Acariasis infestation with mites
Hyperadrenocorticism state of excess cortisone
Acidity Excess Acid
Pharyngitis Inflammation of the pharynx
Cystitis inflammation of the bladder
Colitis Inflammtion of the colon
Organomegaly Enlarged organ
Melanoma Tumour of the skin melanin cells
Carcinoma Cancerous Growth
Haematoma Blood-filled swelling
Seroma Fluid-filled swelling
Nephrosis Degenerative disease of process of kidneys
Leucopenia lack of white blood cells
Coprophagia Eating faeces
Apnoea absence of breathing
Dyspnoea Difficultly breathing
Haemorrhage Excessive blood flow
Diarrhoea Frequent Defaecation
Gastroscopy Examination of the stomach
Arthroscopy examination of a joint
Hypothermia Low body temp
Polyuria Increased volume of urine
Created by: Melissa Jones



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