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AB 2014-2

AB 2014 pp 19-20 Understanding the Food Poisoners

What is food poisoning? Food poisoning, caused by harmful bacteria normally produces intestinal flu like symptoms lasting a few hours to several days. But when food poisoning strikes infants, the ill, or the elderly, the situation can be serious.
Where do these bacteria come from & how can they be stopped? Food poisoning bacteria, microscopic in size, surround us- in the air, soil, water, in our own digestive tracts, & in those of many animals. The only way they can be affectively be stopped id by careful attention to food handling rules.
How does Staphylococcus aureus (staph) attack? Staph spreads from someone handling food. It is found on the skin and in boils, pimples, & throat infections. At warm temperatures, staph produces a poison.
How do you spell the food poisoning known as staph? S T A P H Y L O C O C C U S A U R E U S
What are the symptoms to staph? 2-8 hrs after eating, you could have vomiting and diarrhea lasting a day or two.
How can you prevent staph? Cooking wont destroy the poison so: wash hands & utensils before making food don’t leave food out over 2hrs, common food are meat poultry meat/poultry salads, cheese, egg products, starchy salad (potato/macaroni/pasta/tuna) custard, cream-filed dessert
How does Salmonella attack? You can get salmonella when infected food- such as meat, poultry, eggs, or fish is eaten raw or under cooked. Other causes include cooked food coming into contact with infected raw food on an infected person contaminating the food
What are some symptoms of Salmonella? In 12-36 hrs after eating, you could have diarrhea, fever, & vomiting lasting 2-7 days.
How can Salmonella be prevented? Keep raw food away from cooked food &: -thoroughly cook meat, poultry, & fish -be especially careful with poultry pork, roast beef, 7 hamburger -don’t drink unpasteurized milk
How does Clostridium perfringens attack? This buffet germ grows rapidly in big portions of food that are cooling slowly. it can also grow in chafing dishes which may not keep food sufficiently hot & even in the refrigerator if food is stored in big portions which do not cool quickly.
What are some symptoms of Clostridium perfringens? 8-24 hrs you could have diarrhea & gas pains, ending in usually less than 1 day. But older people and ulcer patients can be badly affected.
How can Clostridium perfringens be prevented? Keep food hot (140F +) or cold (under 40F) and: -divide bulk cooked foods into smaller portions for serving and cooling -be careful with poultry, gravy, stews, & casseroles
How do you spell the food poison known as the buffet germ? C L O S T R I D I U M P E R FR I N G E N S
How does Campylobacter jejuni attack? You drink untreated water on an outing. You pet becomes infected and spreads it to the whole family, or you eat raw or undercooked meat poultry, or shellfish
What are some symptoms to Campylobacter jejuni? 2-5 days you could have severe (possibly bloody) diarrhea, cramping, fever, & headache lasting 2-7 days
How can you prevent Campylobacter jejuni? Don’t drink untreated water or unpasteurized milk &: -thoroughly clean hands, utensils,& surfaces that touch raw meat -thoroughly cook meat poultry, & fish
How does Clostridium botulinum attack? Often occurs in home-canned or any canned goods showing warning signs- clear liquids turned milky, cracked jars, loose lids, swollen or dented cans or lids. Beware of any jar or can that spurts liquid or has an off oden when opened.
What are some symptoms to Clostridium botulinum? 12-48 hrs your nervous system could be affected. Other symptoms include double vision, droopy eyelids, & difficulty speaking, swallowing, or breathing. Untreated botulism can be fatal.
How can you prevent Clostridium botulinum? carefully examine home-canned goods before use, &:-don’t use any canned goods showing danger signs-if you or a family member has botulism symptoms, get medical help immediately. Then call health authorities.
Created by: AlesiaMoore