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AB 2014-7

AB 2014 pp 175-176 The Commercial Poultry Industry

What are the 3 divisions of the commercial poultry industry? Turkey industry, chicken meat or broiler industry, and the egg industry.
When did the rise of commercial chicken and egg industries begin? When farmers decided to raise separate breeds of chickens for egg and meat production.
What is the breed most commonly used for 1. egg production 2.a meat type chicken or broiler and 3. for turkey meat 1. egg - single comb white leghorn 2. meat - a cross between a white Plymouth rock hen and a Cornish male 3. Turkey - Beltsville White
The commercial broiler industry:- began when- by who- where-when she started a flock of how many chickens and sold them at what weight When- 1923by who- Mrs. Cecile Steele Where- in Sussex county, Delaware when she started a flock of how many chickens and reached what weight- 500 chicks and reached the weight of 2 lbs.
The next year she started ____ birds, and by ___ was producing _____ birds under one roof The next year she started 1000 birds, and by 1926 was producing 10000 birds under one
The early broilers were actually heavy laying breeds likeā€¦ New Hampshires, Rhode Island Reds, Barred Plymouth Rocks, or White Plymouth Rocks
What year did flocks of 1000 or more begin in the east and west coasts? 1870
what place and what year did BLANK become the most intensive egg producing areas of the county? Place: Petaluma, California Year: 1930's
What was Petaluma California nicknamed for their egg production? The egg basket of the world.
Although California still remains one of the largest commercial egg producing states, in 1960, why did the industry move to where? With the promotion of contract production and an excellent transportation system for grains, most of the industry shifted to the southeast.
One could say the turkey industry began with ___________ in the year of ____ because... One could say the turkey industry began with the first thanksgiving in 1621 where wild turkey was served.
The modern turkey industry relies upon a type of bird that owes its origins to what 3 breeds. Broad Breasted Bronze, white Holland, and the Beltsville white.
The turkeys used by the turkey industry today are not designated by breeds or varieties, but by ____ such as ___, ___, ___, type of ______ _____. The turkeys used by the turkey industry today are not designated by breeds or varieties, but by strains such as large, medium, or small type of hybrid white crosses.
Why are white feathered turkeys used for the turkey industry? White turkeys are used because when the feathers are removed, there are no dark or black pin feathers left in the skin.
In order to reach decision to enter into poultry production, careful consideration must be given to what? The products being produced, types of markets available for those products, the demand for those products in the area to be serviced, and the scope of the production unit planned.
The poultry industry is a vertically integrated industry. What does vertically integrated mean? A marketing term that means combining related marketing functions and decisions into a single firm. This means that one company controls the feed mill, hatchery, breeder flocks, grow out flocks, processing, marketing, and sales of the product.
What does vertical integration allow? For a shorter, more direct movement of the product from the farm to the table.
The poultry industry also uses a contract production system. What is a contract production system? In a contract production system, a grower of the birds enters into an agreement to provide the land, housing, utilities, and management skills required broilers, turkeys, or egg producing chickens.
in a contract production system, the company owns the birds put on the farm and provides what 4 things? Provides feed, veterinary care, and guidance to the farmer. The company also agrees to pay the farmer so much per pound of chicken or turkey meat produced, or so much for a dozen or eggs.
Today the commercial poultry industry produces more meat and eggs on fewer farms because of...? Cause of careful genetic selection, advanced nutrition programs, developments in better housing, and carefully supervised management systems.
What is economy of scale? Achieving higher production level with fewer sources.
Why is poultry America's choice? nutritional value and it's cost efficiency
How much is the poultry industry valued at? $ 20 billion
What are the starting salaries for graduates in poultry science? $29000
What might a person working in field operations in the poultry industry might have to do? There are many field related jobs such as breeder manager, grow out farm manager flock supervisor, hatchery manager, and feed mill manager. Todays modern poultry production requires millions of birds and tremendous, capital investment.
What might a person working in research and technical support in the poultry industry have to do? results of R & D is put to work in the industry everyday Scientist are continually studying biotech genetics nutrition vaccines & disease control, waste rec., environmental protection., quality control, food safety product development
What might a person working in sales and marketing in the poultry industry have to do? The poultry industry employs sales or marketing professionals.
What might a person working in computer science in the poultry industry have to do? They need people familiar with info. systems or database management. Everything is computerized-from feed mills & hatcheries to processing plants & distribution. Modern poultry houses have modern computer management systems to monitor ventilation & temp.
What might a person working in business in the poultry industry have to do? The poultry industry offers job opportunities in management, finance, accounting, engineering, purchasing, and personnel.
What might a person working in allied industries in the poultry industries have to do? Allied industries provide supplies products, or services poultry industry. Examples include jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, feed milling, equipment manufacturing & sales, distribution, government, and teaching.
What might a person in the world poultry market have to do? To keep up with increasing consumption and expanding world demand, poultry production is growing by leaps and bounds- and so are job opportunities.
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