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ERP Week 6

Intramuscular Injections

Intramuscular sites include; 1.Ventrogluteal (superior lateral region - pelivis) 2.Deltoid (Superior proximal lateral arms) 3.Vastus lateralis (anterior lateral thigh) 4.Dorsogluteal (Superior quadrant of the buttocks)
The Ventrogluteal is located; superior lateral region - pelivis
The Deltoid is located; Superior proximal lateral arms
The Vastus lateralis is located; Anterior lateral thigh
The Dorsogluteal is located; Superior quadrant of the buttocks
To prevent injury to the humerus with a Deltoid IM injection the client must be an adult with; A substantial deltoid mass
The Vastus lateralis is a common IM site for; Infants and children
Extra care must be taken when the dorsogluteal IM site due to the possibility of damage to; The sciatic nerve
Common IM needle size 1-1.5 inches
Common needle gauge for IM injections; 18-23 gauge
An IM needle is inserted at a; 90 degree angle
When administering an IM site injection, gently tap on the injection site to; Reduce pain of needle insertion
For pediatric and geriatric patients receiving an Im injection you may need to grasp and; Bunch up the muscle
Irritating medications such as Imferon (iron dextran) should be injected using the; Z-track method
The Z-Track method involves; Pulling the skin and SubQ tissue to the side and the injecting
Insert the IM needle all the way to the ___ using a ___ like ___ method Hilt; Dart like thrust
IM injections are commonly used to administer; 1.Vitamin B12 2.Twinrix (Hep A/B) 3.Gardasil or Cervarix 4.Fluzone (TIV-Trivalent inactive vaccine)
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