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Ch. 12 L3 & L4


Ex. of Moderate-Intensity physical activity walking, climbing stair, household chores, and yard work
Ex. of Aerobic Activities cycling, brisk walking, running, dancing, and most team sports
Aerobic Activities... raise your heart rate
Ex. of Strength Training push ups, pull ups, rowing lifting weights
Ex. of flexibility exercises stretching, gymnastics, martial arts, ballet, & Pilates
Specificity choosing the right types of activities to improve a given element of fitness
Overload exercising at a level that is beyond your regular daily activities
Progression gradually increasing the demand on your body
Regulatory working out on a regular basis
Resting Heart Rate number of time your heart beats per minute
What are your personal needs of working out? ○ Cost ○ Schedule ○ Fitness level ○ Current overall health ○ Personal safety
What are the stages of working out? warm up, work out, cool down
warm up a gentle cardiovascular activity that prepares muscles for work
work out the part of a exercise session when your exercising at your highest peak
cool down a lower level activity that prepares your body to return to a resting state
What is the FITT formula? ○ F-frequency of the workout ○ I- intensity of workout ○ T-type of activity ○ T-time of duration of workout
What are some safety precautions ○ Use the correct safety equipment for activity ○ Pay attention to other people objects & weather ○ Play at skill level ○ Warm up before and cool down after ○ Obey all rules ○ Practice good sportsmanship
What is the PRICE Procedure? ○ Protect affected area ○ Rest the muscle or joint ○ Ice the affected area ○ Compress the affected area to reduce swelling ○ Elevate the injury area to keep the swelling down
What are some minor injuries? ○ Muscle cramps ○ Strains ○ Sprains
What are some major injuries? ○ Fractures ○ Dislocation ○ Concussions
What do you wear when cycling? helmet
In contact sports what do boys wear? a cup
In contact sports what do girls wear? a sports bra
The right equipment can.... prevent injuries
Fractures broken bones that cause severe pain and swelling
Dislocation when a bone pops out of its normal positions
Concussion an injury to the brain that can result in a severe headache, unconsciousness, or memory loss
Sprain injuries to the ligaments around a joint
Strains overstretching and tearing a muscles
Muscle Cramps sudden sometimes painful contraction of muscles
Frostbite damage to the skin and tissue caused by extreme cold
Hypothermia dangerously low body temperature
Heat Exhaustion a form of physical stress on the body caused by overheating
Heat Stroke a dangerous condition in which the body loses its ability to cool itself through perspiration
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