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ERP Week 5

X-Ray and Epistaxis

Large doses of X-rays can cause; Serious medical problems
Serious medical problems from X-rays can occur if there is ?___ ___? and is called; Frequent exposure; Accumulative effect
The MA may be asked to wear a ?___? while performing X-rays; Radiation dosimeter badge
When an X-ray is being performed, avoid exposure by wearing; Lead aprons or standing behind a radiation shield
Always document the client's LMP before any X-ray is performed because; Radiation increases the risk of birth defects
An epistaxis is AKA; Nosebleed
Tx for an epistaxis includes 1.Keeping patient quiet/calm 2.Patient should sit upright, head tilted forward and down 3.Apply pressure 4.Apply cold compress 5.Sterile gauze 2x2 in nare (repeat #2)
For epistaxis the patient should be in what position? Sitting; upright with head titled forward and slightly down
You should apply pressure to the bridge of the nose using; Your thumb and forefinger to gently pinch the nostils together
For epistaxis you can apply a cold compress to; The bridge of the nose
If epistaxis continues; Place a sterile 2x2 gauze pad inside the nare and repeat step #2
Supplies needed for epistaxis cauterization include; 1.Head lamp 2.Nasal speculum 3.Frasier suction tubes 4.Silver nitrate 5.Cocaine 6.Exam gloves 7.Gauze 4x4
Created by: adrouillard