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ERP Week 3

Physical Therapy & Rehabilition Chpt 54 pgs. 808-829

Cold therapy is also known as Cryotherapy
Cryotherapy benefits include; 1.Pain reduction 2.Pyrexia (fever) reduction 3.Bleeding control due to vasoconstriction 4.Reduce swelling (edema) 5.Reduce inflammation 6.Decrease muscle spasms 7.Reduce pyogenisis (pus creation)
Cryotherapy should be applied for how long following a trauma? For 48hrs. following
RICE stands for? Rest Ice Compression Elevation
Extra caution is required when cryotherapy is ordered on clients with; 1.CVD - cardiovascular disease 2.HTN - Hypertension 3.MD - Diabetes millitus
Common cryotherapy agents include; 1.Cold pack / Ice pack 2.Ice soaked towels 3.Chemical cold compress
Standard cryotherapy last for; 10-20 minutes
Cryotherapy should be assessed every; 5 minutes
Cryotherapy should be discontinued if the following occure; 1.Excessive erythema 2.Cyanosis 3.Pallor 4.Pain
Heat therapy is called; Thermotherapy
Thermotherapy benefits include; 1.Reducing pain and stiffness 2.Enhancing the healing process (vasodilation) 3.Alleviating muscle spasms 4.Improve ROM - Range of Motion
Surface thermotherapy agents include 1.Heating pad w/cover 2.Infrared lamp (placed 2-4ft) 3.Hot water bottle w/pad (110-115 degrees) 4.Hot pack w/cover
Extra caution is required when thermotherapy is ordered on clients with; 1.Active bleeding 2.Malignancies 3.Cardiac pathology 4.Extensive keloid formation 5.Diabetes M
A standard thermotherapy treatment last for; 15-20 mintues
Thermotherapy should be assessed every; 5 minutes
Thermotherapy temperature ranges are; 105-115 for <2 and elderly 115-125 for >2 and adults
Thermotherapy should be discontinued if; 1.Tx causes pain 2.Extreme erythema occurs 3.Blanching occurs 4.Vesicals appear
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