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VT1000 Final Exam

Review game for final exam

Which stage of grief is the normal mechanism that buffers humans from unbearable reality. Denial
This stage of grieving can prevent a person from functioning normally. Depression
The most common reason that a pet owner decides to have a pet euthanized is: suffering of the animal
The number one reason a client may change veterinarians after euthanasia of their pet is the lack of care and concern on the part of the vet and staff
The most important aspect of euthanasia is communication
When using an intraperitoneal injection for euthanasia, how long may it take? 15 minutes
What is a normal reaction from a pet during euthanasia that we should let the owner know about? Vocalizing, struggle, urinate, defecate, gasp
Ulcers, gastroenteritis, heartburn, nausea, and insomnia are all signs of what condition that can affect veterinary personnel? Burnout
What is the overall goal of restraint? Safety of the animal and the staff
Should you ever scruff a dog, perform an alpha roll, or shove their face in their own excrement? NO!!!! Unless you want to get bit.
What do we call it when we give animals human behaviors or emotions? Anthropomorphism
Giving a dog a treat after it has eliminated outside is an example of positive reinforcement
Squirting a cat with water when it jumps on the counter is an example of: Positive punishment
Putting a puppy in time out for 10 minutes when he will not stop barking is an example of: negative punishment
What is another name for the chief complaint? Presenting complaint
A question about if a dog is on flea/tick prevention is part of the dog's environmental history, past medical history, or medication history? Medication
What is another name for differential diagnosis? Rule out
Difficulty breathing due to stenotic nares is most commonly seen in which kinds of dogs...think category, not breed... brachycephalic
In dogs and cats where do we feel for the pulse at? femoral artery
The age, species, breed, color, and reproductive status of a patient is all considered: Signalment
The first step to take when attempting to handle a large, aggressive dog is: To catch them by their neck with a leash or catch pole
What part of the SOAP forms do RVTs commonly fill out? S/O
What does OSHA stand for? Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Controlled drugs are regulated by who? DEA
The laws that govern the practice of veterinary medicine and the legal roles of veterinary technicians are outlined in what document? The Practice Act
What are the 4 things illegal for RVTs to do? Diagnose, prescribe, prognosis, surgery
What does AVMA stand for? American Veterinary medical Assocation
Who is NAVTA? National Organization for Vet Techs
Who is responsible for accreditation of RVT programs in the US? AVMA
The computer case and monitor should be dusted at least how often? Weekly
Inside the computer case should be cleaned how often? Every 2-3 months
At the end of every day someone in the practice should make sure this is performed to make sure information is not lost. Back up
What area of the hospital is made up of reception, exam rooms, lab, pharmacy, and rest rooms? Outpatient
A refrigerator in the ward/kennel area that holds specimens cannot contain what? People food
Clipping and scrubbing a patient should be done before or after they are moved into the surgery suite? Before
The most difficult part of doing inventory is: Make sure you are not over stocked or under stocked
What is the largest expense in a vet hospital? Staff
What primary factor attracts clients? Location
Who is the most important person in the vet clinic? Client!!
What is the main reason cats become aggressive at the vet? Fear
Vet Techs can delegate tasks to who? Vet Assistants
What is the name of the national exam given to vet techs? Veterinary Technician National Exam
What does it mean to be cross trained? Trained to do tech work and receptionist
Specialties for RVTs are regulated by who? NAVTA
What is the term for permanently having your license removed? Revocation
What is immediate supervision? Vet is in direct sight or hearing
If a vet is not on the premises but maintains constant communication, this is referred to as: Indirect supervision
The S portion of SOAP stand for? Subjective
The O portion of SOAP stands for? Objective
The A portion of SOAP stands for? Assessment
The P portion of SOAP stands for? Plan
How many sides are there to a cage? 7
What color ink should you use when writing in a record? Black or blue
To correct a mistake in a medical record what should you do? One line and initial
Can you discuss records to outside sources? No
Which schedule of controlled substances has the least potential for abuse? Schedule V
If a client insists on restraining their own pet and gets bit, is the clinic liable? Yes
A medication that is prescribed as PRN should be given how often? As needed
An oral vitamin and mineral solution is to be given quid, the client gives the medication at 8am, the next treatment should be given when? 2pm the same day
To collect blood from a cephalic vein, the animal should be in what position? Sternal recumbency
What is the normal temperature range for dogs and cats? 99-102
When the heart rate does not match the pulse we call this what? Pulse deficit
When a larger breed barrel chested dog breaths in and out and the heart rate speeds up and slows accordingly, this is known as? Sinus arrhythmia
What is the abbreviation OD? Right eye
What do you commonly use in a vet office to stop the bleeding of a quick? Stiptic powder or silver nitrate sticks
The opening of the anal glands are where in reference to a clock? 8 and 4
What is a normal capillary refill time in a dog? 1-2 seconds
What vein is found in the rear leg of a dog? Lateral saphenous
When drawing blood, the bevel of the needle is up or down? Up
If giving a drug intravenous, then the abbreviation would be what? IV
The accepted abbreviation for the oral route of drugs is? PO
The abbreviation meaning treatment is? Tx
The abbreviation meaning every is? q
BAR Bright, alert, responsive
Dx Diagnosis
MM mucus membrane
EDUD eating, drinking, urinating, defecating
UA urinalysis
BID twice daily or every 12 hours
TPR temperature, pulse, respiration
BCS body condition score
PLR pupillary light response
SQ subcutaneously
EOD every other day
HBC hit by car
DOA dead on arrival
itching pruritis
Sleepiness/laziness out of the ordinary Lethargic
Not eating anorexia
Pus like material purulent
Pinna ear flap
Carpus wrist
Lateral recumbency Patient laying on their side
venipuncture drawing blood
polyuria increased urinating
anthropomorphism giving human emotions/behaviors to animals
silver nitrate sticks used to cauterize bleeding nails
positive reinforcement rewards good behavior
euthanasia relieving suffering humanely
client-patient-doctor relationship needed for treatment or meds
dorsal recumbency sternal
DEA Drug enforcement administration
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
AAHA American Animal Hospital Association
RVT Registered Veterinary Technician
LVT Licensed Veterinary Technician--same as RVT
VTS Veterinary Technology Specialist
VA Veterinary Assistant
DVM Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
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