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Rascal vocabulary

Ecstasy Overwhelm feeling of happiness
Bough A branch do a tree the main branch
Dialect A language that is used for grammar, vocabulary
Dismay To break down with courage to surprise the enemy
Maneuver To move from place to place
Vaguely Not stated or expressed statement
Competent Having good skill
Remote Far away from people
Raucous Harsh strident
Precipitous Of the nature of or characterized by precipices
Peril Danger, to face, loss destruction
Methodically Preformed, disposed, or acting in a systematic way
Permissive Tolerant of something, as social behavior
Maniac A insane person
martinet a strict disciplinarian, a military one
impertinent intrusive, rude, uncivil
squander to spend or use money
ferocious wild, beating, strong hitting
satiated satisfied, as one's appetite
rapturous full of, feeling, joyed
rivulet a small stream, brook
precipice a cliff with vertical, nearly vertical
complacency a feeling of quite pleasure or security
scant barely in sufficient in amount or quantity
captivity the state or period of being held, enslaved
percision the state or quality of being percise
stern firm, strict, or loud and angry
nocturnal of or pertaining to the night
postpone to hold until another time
impetuous characterized by sudden or rash action, emotion
canter an easy gallop
cooper a person who makes or repairs casks, barrels
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