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6-1 & 6-2 Quiz


Relationship a bond or connection you have with other people
Friendship a significant relationship between two people that is based on trust, caring, and consideration
Citizenship the way you conduct yourself as a member of the community
Role a part you play in a relationship
Cooperation working together for the good of all
Compromise a problem-solving method in which each participate gives up something to reach a solution that satisfies everyone
Communication the exchange of thought feelings and beliefs between two or more people
What are the Qualities of Healthy Relationship? ○ Mutual Respect ○ Caring ○ Honesty ○ Commitment
What are skills to a healthy relationship? (3 C's) ○ Communication ○ Cooperation ○ Compromise
Values the beliefs, ideas, and attitudes about was is important to help you guide the way you live
Prejudice an unfair opinion or judgment on a particular group of people
Stereotype an exaggeration or oversimplified belief about people who belong to a certain group
Tolerance the ability to accept others' differences
Bullying deliberately harming or threatening other people who cannot easily defended themselves
Hazing making others preform certain tasks in order to join the group
What are Ways to show respect for others? ○ Listen to other people ○ Be considerate to others' feelings ○ Develop trust ○ Be realistic in your expectations
What is an example of being prejudiced? Black people had to sit in the back of the bus
What are two examples of stereotypes? ○ Black people are better at basketball than white people -All cops eat donuts
Created by: sossenkopp