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Food 1

A small appliance plastic covering is cracked. What is the potential sanitation hazard? The crack could contain contaminated food
David was unhappy with the taste of the homemade soup he made. He decided he would add more spice. This is an example of what strategy of the work plan? Evaluate the work plan and product
Sam is exhausted from preparing a special Valentine's Day dinner for his girlfriend. What could Sam do differently to save time? Planned the meal and shopped the day before
Opening blinds during the day to let in the sun's warmth in the kitchen is an example of: reduce.
Susan made hamburgers with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise, oven-baked sweet potato fries,and iced tea. The hamburgers were cold by the time the fries were done and the ice had melted in the tea. This is an exampleof which part of the work plan being left Develop a timetable
Which is the BEST safe food sanitation procedure? Wash dishcloths and drying towels often
What food was contaminated to cause gastrointestinal discomfort for a person who has Salmonella? Improperly cooked meat and poultry
The BEST way to check the internal temperature of food is to: use a food grade thermometer and place in the center of the food.
Nan is preparing lunch. Which food product will take the LONGEST to prepare? She plans to serve: Tacos Corn Purchased Chocolate Chip Cookies Milk Tacos
What is a safe way to remove broken glass and to prevent injury? Sweep up broken glass
Using fabric or net bags for grocery shopping instead of paper or plastic bags is an example of: reuse
John was excited to get all of the work done by himself for the Thanksgiving meal. This is an example of: being aware of jobs needing to be accomplished.
What is the result of eating raw oysters that have been held at 41 degrees Fahrenheit and contaminated with animal fecal matter? Norwalk virus
Alice is making soup with leftover ham and vegetables from dinner the night before. This is an example of: reuse
Mary was excited when the meal was complete. Everyone in the group did his or her part as assigned on the work plan. This is an example of: divide tasks to get the job done.
Ginnie is sorting aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and newspapers each week and placing them in a bin for pick up. This is an example of: recycle.
What is a safe way to remove broken glass and to prevent injury? Sweep up broken glass
Disposing of appliances at centers where they accept broken or damaged appliances is an example of: recycle.
A chef's apron caught on fire when cooking. What is BEST for extinguishing the fire on the apron? Baking soda
How can a person prevent bodily injury while cooking in the kitchen? Avoid wearing loose clothing and jewelry
Sarah is organizing her timetable on her work plan for preparing tonight's dinner. She is making all recipes from scratch. Which recipes would she prepare FIRST if she has two hours to prepare the meal? The menu is: Pear and Walnut salad Grilled Pork Te Grilled pork tenderloin
What is the difference between food safety and sanitation? Food sanitation deals with equipment; food safety deals with preventing illness and accidents?
What is an example of an incomplete protein? Corn and peas
The primary concern and health risk related to an Asian eating plan is: stomach cancer
A common food allergen is: Shrimp
Joseph drank liquids while playing football, but he is going to need another mineral in his body so that his muscles will not cramp. What mineral is this? Potassium
A good strategy for meeting the food needs of toddlers is to: introduce new food textures and flavors one at a time.
Which source of water is LOWEST in calories? Tap water
Jason consumed excessive amounts of protein. How is this likely to impact the body? Converts the extra protein to fat and stores it in the fat tissues
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