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Lesson 3

What is the number one reason for jogging injuries? Doing too much too soon
Five minutes after a workout, what should your heart rate be down to? 120 beats per minute
The most common injury to joggers are ______ and ________ injuries. foot and ankle
What is the most common foot injury? blisters
What is tendinitis? Inflammation of tendon
What is the most commonly injured tendon for runners? Achilles tendon
Where is the Achilles tendon found? in ankle area...connects heel bone to calf muscle
What does RICE stand for? Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation
Strains are associated with what? tendons
Sprains are associated with what? ligaments
What causes heel bruising? Jogging on hard surfaces
What is a stress fracture? hairline fracture of bone
What is the difference in pain between shin splints and stress fractures? Stress fractures are a pinpoint pain and shin splints can run several inches long.
Where should you avoid running if your knees hurt? stairs and hills
What is the primary cause of low back pain? Being overweight
What's the best way to avoid foot and ankle injuries? Wearing good shoes
Special drills designed to develop strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility are called _______. calesthenics
Created by: Mary Rider