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Lesson 2

What is the best surface to run on? Dirt
What are three suggestions for personal safety while running? 1) Evaluate surroundings 2) Run with others 3) Use all of your senses
Frequency refers to what aspect of your training program? The number of times per week you run
Duration refers to what aspect of your training program? Length of time you run
The first __________ weeks of a new jogging program are the most difficult. Six
Statistically, what time of the day are joggers the most successful. Morning
Why is cement a poor running surface? It does not absorb the shock
When you first start a jogging program, how many minutes should you jog to have aerobic benefits? 15 to 30 minutes
An exercise program should require activity ______ to _____ days per week 3 to 5
When you run on the road, should you run with traffic or facing traffic? Facing traffic
Intensity is how hard the body is _________. working
Ability to process oxygen is called _______. aerobic capacity
How do you find your maximum heart rate? Take 220 and subtract your age
What is exercise heart rate? 70% to 80% of maximum heart rate
What is resting heart rate? Heart rate at rest
Where are two places you can easily find your heart rate? Wrist and neck
When is the best time to take your resting heart rate? In the morning before you get out of bed
How do you determine if you are in your training zone? Check your heart rate during exercise
How often should you go on a very long run? Once every one to two weeks
When choosing a jogging route, the most important factor is _________. safety
Jeremy is 18 years old. What is his training heart rate? 141 to 172 beats per minute
Created by: Mary Rider