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ERP Week 2

Examination/Treatment areas Chpt. 9 128-142

The examination room is where the physician? 1. OBSERVES 2. LISTENS to the patient for signs and symptoms 3. PERFORMS examinations 4. DISPENSES treatment(TX)
How is the MA responsible for the examination rooms? 1. PREPARING for patient and doctor use 2. RESTOCKING supplies 3. MAINTAINING a safe environment
The MA must keep the examination rooms; 1. Spotlessly CLEAN 2. Well ORGANIZED 3. FREE FROM obstacles that might cause INJURY
How many rooms does the ADA - American Disabilities Act require to be wheelchair accessible? At least ONE EXAM room and the restroom
Who may responsible for assigning and monitoring Janitorial services for the office? The Medical Assistant (MA)
How many Exam rooms should be set up and ready for use for each doctor? A minimum of two rooms should be prepared
Standard furnishings found in most EXAM rooms include: 1.Exam table 2.Supply cabinet 3.Rolling stool 4.General Waste basket 5.Biohazard bag container 6.Sharps container 7.Sink 8.Overhead light/gooseneck 9.Computer 10.Sphygmo 11.Balance scale (HT/WT) 12.Otoscope 13.Ophthalmoscope 14.Chair
Examination table should be; 1.Adjustable 2.Contain storage 3.Have a pull out step 4.Contain stirrups for pelvic exams
A kick bucket is? A wastebasket on wheels
An Otoscope is a? Lighted instrument to view the EARS
An ophthalmoscope is a? Lighted instrument to view the EYES
You should disinfect the examination table and/or work surface if? They become visibly contaminated AND at the end of each work shift
Examination table and pillow paper should be handled how? Rolling the paper with the contaminated side on the INSDIE
Typical medical supplies (wet) include; 1.70% isopropyl and swabs 2.Betadine(I) 3.Hydrogen peroxide(H2O2) 4.Irrigating solutions(NSS(NaCl) or H2O)5.K-Y/Surgilube 6.Antibiotic ointment
Typical medical supplies (DRY) include; 1.Cotton tipped swabs 2.Tongue depressors 4.Sterile dressing 5.Sterile gauze 6.Elastic bandages 7.Adhesive tape 8.Drapes 9.Emesis basin 10.Exam gloves 11.Gowns
Typical medical supplies (BIOHAZARD)include 1.PAP kit 2.Cytology Slide kits 3.Cytology fixative 4.Cytology slide transport container 5.Biohazard specimen transport bags 6.Specimen bottles 7.Sterile disposable syringes/needles 8.Fecal Occult blood tests(FOBT)
Typical medical supplies (TOOLS) include; 1.Penlight/Pupil gauge 2.Flashlights 3.Percussion hammer 4.Stethoscope 5.Tape measure 6.Thermometer 7.Antiviral tissue 8.Tuning fork 9.Speculum
FOBT stands for Fecal Occult Blood Test
Common FOBT's include Hemoccult, Insure FIT, Hema-Check
Guaiac test is the general term for a? FOBT Fecal Occult Blood Test
The examination should be maintained at a temp of? 72 degrees
List 3 types of specula 1.Nasal 2.Vaginal 3.Anoscope (rectal)
A percussion hammer is also known as a? Reflex hammer
What link in the 'Chain of Infection' do gloves represent? Removing the 'Portal of Entry'
Sterile gauze bandage is used to? Secure DRESSINGS
Elastic bandages are used to? Control swelling (edema)
Adhesive tape is used to? Secure BANDAGES
Normal Saline Solution (NSS) is AKA 0.9% Sodium Chloride (NaCl)
Antibiotic ointment is used to Reduce the risk of infection
Sterile dressing supplies are used to? Cover WOUNDS
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