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2-1 Quiz


Health Skills specific tools and strategies to maintain, protect, and improve all aspects of your health
What is another name for health skills? life skills
Interpersonal Communication the exchange of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs between two or more people
Refusal Skills communication strategies that can help you say no when you are urged to take part in behaviors that are unsafe or unhealthful, or that go against your values
Conflict Resolution the process of ending a conflict through cooperation and problem solving
Self-Management Skills taking charge on your own health
Stress the reaction of the body and mind to everyday challenges and demands
Stress management skills skills that help you reduce and manage stress in your life
Advocacy taking action to influence others to address a health related concern or support a health related belief
What are 3 health skills? ○ interpersonal communication ○ refusal skills ○ conflict resolution
What are some ways to strengthen interpersonal communication? ○ Use "I" messages to express your feelings ○ Communicate with respect and caring ○ Be an active listener
What are some self-management skills? ○ Practicing healthy behaviors ○ Manage stress
What are some refusal skills? 1. say no 2. explain why 3. offer alternatives 4. stand your ground 5. Leave
What are some conflict resolution skills? 1. stepping away from the situation 2. allowing conflict to subside 3. use interpersonal communication skills 4. keep attitude of respect for yourself and other person
Created by: sossenkopp