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Quiz 1-1


Health the combination of physical, emotional, and social well-being
Your Health Triangle a balance of your physical mental and social health
Spiritual Health a deep sense of meaning and purpose in your life
Wellness an overall state of well-being or your total health
Chronic disease an ongoing disease or illness
What is the health continuum? a sliding scale of your health at any moment
List important steps you can take to promote your physical health. ○ Get 8-10 hours of sleep ○ Eat nutritious meals each day ○ 8 cups of water ○ 30-60 minutes of physical activity ○ Avoid drug and alcohol ○ Bathe daily
List important questions you can ask to promote your mental/emotional health. ○ How you feel about yourself ○ How you meet demands of your daily life ○ How you handle problems that come up in your life
List important steps you can take to promote your social health. • Getting along with others • Seeking and lending support when needed • Communicating clearly and listening to others • Showing respect for yourself and others
Explain the bad side of the health continuum. The bad side of the health continuum consist of people who have social, physical, or emotional/mental problems. This part has chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes, and can lead to early death.
Explain the good side of the health continuum. The good side of the health continuum means your social, physical, and mental/emotional functions are well in order and this can lead to a long life. (optimum level of energy and well being.
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