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VTA 110

Last min cram session OH FUCK

Give an example of direct marketing? yellow pages advertising
What is the definition of reportable disease? a public health hazard that must be reported to the proper authorities
What is a template? A form that can be filled out, keeping all like information in the same format
What is OSHA? Occupational health and safety administration
How is OSHA enforced? with fines or program shut down
What is important to remember about Discharging patients? To complete all paperwork, collect payments, give instructions etc.... BEFORE you bring the pet out
What is Source oriented medical record? Conventional form, Adapted from human medicine, multiple patients can be kept in 1 folder, events are listed in chronological order can be adapted to suit any practice size
What is problem oriented medical record? Each patients data in a separate chart, in reverse chronological order, AHAA required, detailed documentation of procedures and results
Who does the office manager oversee?? reception
Who does hospital manager oversee??? medical staff, sets medical protocols, is often a DVM
What do radiology logs help with? Improves quality and cuts down retakes therefore reducing exposure to staff
Are radiology logs required by law?? nope
What is the minimum information you would expect to see in a lab log? Where the lab was processed, in or out of house
How far in advance can you obtain a health certificate? 7days
Who must sign all certificates? health, rabies, spay neuter? DVM
Where is MSDS kept?? in plain sight, everyone should be familiar with what is in it and where to find it
How do we retain clients? Empathy and compassion for them and their animals, respect,
What do clients judge us on? how clean their pet is when they come home
Which animals go on the anesthesia log? animals that have undergone induction and inhalations and were rendered unconscious
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