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Vta 170 review

Dentistry vocab, take home q& a

What is Pulp? center of the tooth, blood and nerve supply enter at the apex of the tooth root
What is dentin? surrounds and protects the tooth pulp
What is Enamel? covers the crown of the tooth
What is Gingival Sulcas? tiny grove formed between the neck of the tooth and the free edge of the gingiva
Define Mesial= Toward the 1st tooth of the arcade ( middle of the mandible/maxilla)
Define Labial- Surface of incisors and canines that touch lips (towards lips)
Define Distal- Toward the last tooth of the arcade ( away form the middle)
Define interproximal spaces= space between proximal surfaces of adjoining teeth
Define Buccal- Surface of premolars and molars that touch the cheek (toward the cheek)
Define Palatal- Surface of maxillary teeth by the roof of the mouth (toward palate)
Define Lingual- Surface of mandibular teeth that touch the tongue ( toward the tongue)
Define Coronal- Away from root tip towards the crown
Define Apical- toward the root tip away from the crown
Define Gingival- surface of the teeth that touches the gums ( toward gums)
What would the triadan number be for the upper right 3rd premolar? 107
What would the triadan number be for the lower left canine? 304
Sight hound breeds have what head type? Dolichocephalic
Labrador retriever dogs have what head type? Mesatacephalic
What type of head do Persian cats have? Brachycephalic
Labial refers to? towards th lips
Palatal refers to? towards the palate
Lingual is? toward the tongue
Buccual surface is? toward the cheeks
Mesial is towards the middle of the mouth
The occlusal surface is? involved in mastication, and can show wear if a malocclusion is present
The 2 methods of dental ID systems are? modified triadan, and anatomical shorthand
True of false? During a spay the ovaries and uterus are removed from the patient while durin a neuter , the seminal are tied while the testices and scrotal sac remain? false
T or F? the adult canine has 42 teeth while the adult feline has 30 teeth true
T or F? When preparing a male dog for a castration it is important to clip and scrub the prepuce True
T or F? Gingivitis is inflammation of the teeth false
T or F? Deciduous or baby teeth would be expected to erupt in the puppy and kitten around the 2nd or 3rd week of life true
list 3 items of protective gear you would wear while doing a prophalaxysis mask, gloves, shield or goggles,cap
a __________ keeps the mouth open during a procedure? mouth gag
Ultrasonic scalers create ___________ and can damage teeth. heat
It is important to spend a maximum of ______ seconds cleaning a tooth before proceeding to another tooth to avoid damage to the tooth 10-12 seconds
Created by: Adeprey4311