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Volleyball Guide

Block Defend your side of net by jumping and raising both arms to stop the ball from crossing the net. Defensive move against a spike
Bump Underhand pass (ball may not be hit while hands are open)
Foot Fault Server steps on or over the end line as he/she serves the ball.
Illegal Hit Ball comes to rest momentarily as it is hit (ex. all openhanded underhanded hits)
Match Contest between 2 teams which one wins 2 out of 3 games
Set two-handed overhead pass to a player on your own team
serve Put ball into play at start of each point(2 types underhand easiest overhand or overhead)
Side Out referee says when serving team doesn't get a point(other team rotates and serves)
Shag Retrieve the ball after it is hit and putting it back
Spike A ball forcefully at a downward angle from a height greater than top of the net
Volley Hit a ball back and forth over the net without hitting the ground
Created by: karebear7890