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VTA 165 TEST 1

Review/study guide/homework q&a

Define sterilization The destruction of all organisms, including bacteria and spores
Define disinfection Destruction of the vegetative forms of bacteria (but not the spores) by antimicrobial agents
Define antisepsis The prevention of infectious agent growth on animate (living objects). The destruction of most pathogenic microorganisms on animate objects
Define disinfectant Chemical agents that kill or prevent the growth of microorganisms on an inanimate object
Define antiseptic chemical agent that kills or prevents the growth of microorganisms on living tissue
Define aseptic technique all the precautions taken to prevent contamination and ultimately infection of a surgical wound
Define surgical conscience the commitment of surgical personnel to adhere strictly to aseptic technique because anything less could increase the potential risk of infection
What are the minimum standards for creating a sterilizing condition in an autoclave? 15psi which creates 121 degrees Celsius or 250 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 13 minutes
What is ethylene oxide? A form of gas sterilization, a colorless gas at room temp, penetrates paper & plastic film packaging w/o melting them, moisture is necessary for the lethal action of EtO, relative humidity of 40% is optimal, exposure time can vary from 48mins-3-4hrs
What are precautions of EtO? flammable, explosive, toxic ( respiratory irritant, vomiting, headaches, birth defects, carcinogenic, tissue irritant)all items sterilized w/EtO must be aerated for at least 24hrs efore use
Define microorganism an organism that is microscopic those of medical interest include bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa,
Define pathogen any disease causing microorganism
Define fomite An object such as a book, wooden object, or article of clothing, that is not in itself harmful but is able to harbor pathogenic microorganisms & thus may serve as an agent of transmission for an infection
What is a nosocomial infection? an infection acquired during hospitalization or during attendance at any veterinary medical facility
What are 3 common microorganisms eliminated by disinfection and/or sterilization? Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi
What are disinfectants used for? applied to surfaces and inanimate objects
What are antiseptics used for? applied to skin and living tissue
List 2 common disinfectants? bleach, isopropyl alcohol
Name 3 common antiseptics Chlorihexidine, iodine, isopropyl alcohol
What deactivates most disinfectants? organic debris such as hair, blood, feces, urine etc...
What are 3 common tools/methods for sterilization in vet medicine? 1. Chemical (gas, liquid) 2.Physical (heat, radiation, filtration) 3. autoclave
What 2 factors do autoclaves utilize to achieve sterilization? time and temperature (steam under pressure achieves hotter steam, which achieves sterilization
How much exposure time does ethylene oxide require at room temp to achieve sterilization? 3-4 hours at room temp
What factor can you change to decrease the time of exposure needed? increase temp to decrease exposure time
What are the steps for proper maintenance of surgical instruments? 1. Presoaking 2. Decontaminating 3.Ultrasonic cleaning 4. Sterilization
What is instrument milk used for? As a lubricant which inhibits rust and extends the life of the instruments
What should be checked on packs for proper sterilization after being run through the autoclave? sterilization indicator tape and strips
How should linens be appropriately cleaned? What if they are stained with blood? if stained with blood presoak in cold water. To wash use small load size, less detergent, extra rinse cycle. lint roll after drying, NEVER USE BLEACH
How often should surgical suites be thoroughly cleaned? once per week at least
What is the most important factor with cold sterilization? long contact time (at least 3 hrs, sterility is not guaranteed, must rinse thoroughly before use
What are the assistants roles in surgical nursing? * help check animals in for surgery draw blood for pre-anesthesia 3.restrain animal while tech, induces/intubates 4.assist w/ surgical prep 5.monitor anesthesia clean up Sx & prepare for next Sx, help write discharge instructions & discharge
Can we create sterility on living tissue? NO
During the sanitation stage of cleaning, what is most critical in the elimination of organic debris? Mechanical scrubbing
What do "-cidals" refer to? The agents destructive powers, these agents kill (think homicidal) lol
What do "-statics" refer to? the agents power to inhibit growth of organisms
When it comes to disinfectants what is the difference between a solution and a scrub/detergent? A solution is a liquid form the can be diluted for desired concentration and does not create suds scrubs create a thicker lather allowing for a longer contact time and are only used externally
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