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VTA 110

Office procedures review for test 1

TRUE OR FALSE: The employing veterinarian has the ultimate responsibility for using a vet assistant in an appropriate and ethical manner consistent with state and federal law? TRUE
TRUE OR FALSE: For a reasonable annual fee, membership in the veterinary support personnel network allows assistants to participate in online CE,live chats, and surveys FALSE
TRUE OR FALSE?: A society has bylaws, leaders and committees designed to oversee technician specialty certification FALSE
TRUE OR FALSE: Veterinary assistants are not licensed, and in most states their role is not clearly defined? TRUE
TRUE OR FALSE: Veterinary assistants should excel in animal restraint, animal grooming and inventory control FALSE
TRUE OR FALSE: The area described as the front of a veterinary practice is the area used to do lab work? FALSE
Veterinary technicians who maintain their certification, registration, or license after passing the VTNE are referred to as credentialed veterinary technicians FALSE
TRUE OR FALSE: The veterinary team member most responsible for prescribing medications is the vet tech: FALSE
TRUE OR FALSE: Team efficiency improves and benchmark standards are achieved when veterinary practice management is doctor centered FALSE
TRUE OR FALSE: One way to create a comfortable reception area is to provide clients with cozy close seating, floor plants for ambience, and many magazines FALSE
The majority to veterinarians are involved in ________________ practices companion animal
Created by: Adeprey4311