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What is a liquid dose form that is suspended in an oil or liquid fat? emulsion
What is a topically applied dose form that is dissolved in alcohol tincture
What is a drug made from processed animal organs or plants? extract
What is a solid (powdered) dose form covered in gelatin? gel cap or capsule
What is a semisolid dose form that liquefies at body temperature?? ointment or cream
What is a sugar or sucrose based liquid dose form that is administered orally? syrup
What is a liquid dose form in an alcohol solution that is administered orally? elixer
what is a semi-solid dose form that does not melt at body temperature? paste
What is a dose formulated to dissolve slowly as it moves through the gastrointestinal tract? sustained release formulations
What is a drug form formulated to be protected against stomach acids? enteric coated tablets
What do you call a drug that is produced by companies other than the original developer? generic equivalent
What do you call a small airtight glass container that contains the drug which is meant to be broken open to extract the drug & are used only once? ampules
What do you call a type of drug that is meant to be absorbed over a long period of time after being injected? ex. implants repository or depot drugs
What is the ingredient of the drug formulation that includes preservatives,stabilizers, and liquid media into which the drug is dissolved or suspended? inert ingredients
What is the term that means the reason or the condition for which the drug is to be used? indications
What do you call any use of a drug other than that approved by the FDA? Extra label uses OR off label use
Any effect of the drug, other than the intended effect is called? adverse reaction OR side effects
Identify the proprietary name in the following sentence: " Cats should never be given Tylenol or any other acetaminophen products" Tylenol is the proprietary name
True or false a precaution is a condition or situation under which a drug should not be given False
TRUE OR FALSE 10mg/lb every 6hrs for 3 days is an example of a dose and 250mg is and example of a dosage False
TRUE OR FALSE: Extra-label drugs can be legally used by a veterinarian in animals intended for use as human food true ( only when certain criteria are met)
TRUE OR FALSE: Suspensions must me shaken before administering, solutions do not need to be shaken? true
TRUE OR FALSE: Troches are commonly used with veterinary patients FALSE
2g=____Mg 2000mg
5mg=_____g 0.005g
14lb=______kg 6.36kg
23kg=______lb 50.6lb
83kg=_______mg 83,000,000mg
43cc=_______mL 43mL
800cc=______L 0.8L
0.25mL=______L 0.00025L
What are the 5 patient rights of drug therapy? right patient, right drug, right dosage, right route, right time
What is pharmacodynamics? what drugs do OR they way that drugs work
Define direct supervision means the veterinary supervisor is on the premises and is quickly and easily available
Define indirect supervision The veterinary supervisor is not on the premises but has given written or verbal instructions for the animal patient
What is immediate supervision? the supervisor is in audible and visual range of the animal patient and the person treating said animal patient
in dimensional analysis what value ALWAYS goes on the top of your problem? the answer you are looking for
anything divided by itself is always what? 1
What does AC stand for? Before meals
What does AD stand for? right ear
What does AS stand for? left ear
What does AU stand for? Both ears
What does AMP stand for? ampule
What does BID stand for? twice per day
What does C stand for? with
What does CAP stand for? capsule
What does CC stand for? cubic centimeter
What does DISP stand for? dispense
What goes G or GM stand for? gram
What does GR stand for? grain
What does ggt stand for? drops
What does H stand for? hour
What does HS stand for? at bedtime
What does IM stand for? intra-muscular
What does IO stand for? intra=osseous
What does IP stand for? intra-peritoneal
WHAT DOES iv stand for? intravenous
at does LB stand for? Pound
What does M stand for? meter
What does MG stand for? milligram
What does mL stand for? milliliter
What does OD stand for? right eye
What does OS stand for? left eye
What does OU stand for? both eyes
What does OZ stand for? ounce
What does PC stand for? after meals
What does PO stand for? per oral
What does Q stand for? every
What does QID stand for? four times per day
What does QD stand for? everyday
What does QOD stand for? Wha every other day
What does QS m a sufficient quantity
What does Rx stand for? recipe
What does sig stand for? directions to patient
What does STAT stand for? immediately
What does SQ stand for? subcutaneous
What does SUSP stand for? suspension
What does TID stand for? 3 times per day
What does TAB stand for? tablet
What does UT DICT stand for? as directed
What is a molded tablet? soft, chewable tablets in which the powdered drug is mixed with lactose, sucrose or dextrose & a flavoring
tablets that are coated with a glossy sugar compound are intended to be administered how? swallowed
What dose form has a protective coating to protect it from dissolving until it reaches the small intestine? enteric coated tablets
What is a troche? What is it designed for? a lozenge, to dissolve in the mouth/ throat
When would a suppository be appropriate? persistent vomiting
What is a liniment? drugs dissolved or suspended in an oil base and applied to the skin by rubbing
What is a lotion? Drug suspensions or solutions that are dabbed, brushed, or dripped onto the skin w/o rubbing
what are ointments and creams designed to do? liquefy at body temperature
What is a paste designed to do and how is it administered? maintain their semi-solid form at body temp, and are given orally
What dose form is a drug suspended in a semi-solid or jelly like form? gels
What is an extract? the term describes where the drug came from, its is made from specially prepared plant or animal parts rather than made of chemicals
Where is the most up to date information on a drug usually found? on the drug package inserts (included w/each container of drug sent to the veterinarian
What does USP stand for? united states pharmacopeia
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