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Eye, Ear, Endocrine

Med Terms

Pituit/o Pituitary Gland
Thyr/o or Thyroid/o Thyroid Gland
Parathyroid/o Parathyroid Gland
Adren/o or Adrenal/o Adrenal Gland
Pancreat/o Pancreas
Thym/o Thymus
Pineal/o Pineal Gland
Gonad/o Gonads
Diagnostics Testing or assesment
Speculum Enlarges opening to better visualize scope
Asculation Stethescope to listen
Palpation Examining by touch
Percussion Tapping to feel density
Venipuncture puncturing a vein
Refractometer Measures amount of light througha substance
Centrifuge Spins substance so it separates
Pathogen Disease causing microorganism
Moribund Near death
Opt/i, Optic/o Occular System
Orbit Bone cavity that contains eye
Blephar/o Eyelid
Conjunctiv/o Conjunctiva
Conjunctiva 3rd eyelid
Scler/o Sclera
Sclera "White of eye"
Corne/o, kerat/o Cornea
Cornea Outer transparent part
Core/o, pupill/o Pupil
Pupil Muscle in iris that dilates
Retin/o Retina
Retina Nervous tissue that recieves the image.
Anis/o Unequal/uneven
-Opia Vision
Dipl/o Double
Chrom/o Color
Ot/o, audit/o, aud/i sound
Acaust/o, acous/o Hearing/Sound
Pinn/i Pinna
Tympan/o, Myring/o Tympanic Membrane (eardrum)
Cerumen earwax
Vertigo Dizziness
Ablation Removal of part
Oitis Externa Inflammation of the external part of the ear
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