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Part 3 vocabulary

Week 13 to 19 vocab

Gregarious Strong flocking instinct
Conformation The way an animal is put together
Condition/Finish Fat covering
Soundness Freedom from body defects
Prolific Producing many offspring
Dystocia Difficulty during birth/delivery
Scours Diarrhea
Temperament Personality - how it behaves
Weaned To take away from the mother; to stop nursing
Creep feeding Supplemental feed given to young animals, usually high in protein; mature animals are kept out of feeders
Anthelmintic Any drug used for expelling or killing stomach or intestinal worms
Synthesize Combining a number of things together to create something else
Hybrid An animal produced from the crossing or mating of two animals of different breeds to get a desired result
Puberty Age of sexual maturity; capable of sexual reproduction
Created by: mmill