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Gym basketball study guide

steps for a layup 45 degree angle, go off left leg when approaching from left side, draw right knee up while pushing off left leg, extend high with right hand, light push with wrist
steps for pass hands on outside of ball, thumbs toward chest, wide elbows, extend arms to target extend wrists on follow thru
steps for dribble contact on finger tips, loose wrist, keep ball at or below waist, place body between ball and defender,
what is the acronym used when shooting BEEF
what is the B in BEEF Balance- feet shoulder width apart, toes pointed toward basket,
what is the E in BEEF Eyes- focused on rim
what is the second E in BEEF Elbows- shooting elbow pointed toward rim
what is the F in BEEF Follow thru- extend shooting arm high above shooting shoulder towards basket *bend knees to start
Defensive position feet shoulder width apart, knees bent, be between the person you're defending and the basket with your back to the basket, arms extended out to side, head up
person to person defense each person on defense in assigned one individual offensive player to guard
Zone Defense the defensive team sets their 5 players in a position where they each cover an area
10 second violation when a team can't get the ball over the half court line in ten seconds
3 second violation when an offensive player stands in the lane area for three seconds
what is double dribbling when a player dribbles the ball and then picks the ball up and stops dribbling, the player is not allowed to dribble again. if so, it is a double dribble and ball goes to the other team.
traveling when you walk with the ball.
5 second violation taking too long to inbound the ball
Backcourt violation bringing the ball into your forecourt, then dribbling or passing back into your backcourt
foul personal contact
Created by: pragu :)