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radiology vocab, homework q & a etc...

What is a technique chart? a set of rules for an x-ray machine with the objective of obtaining the same quality at each performance. includes coordination of variables such as kvp,milliamperage etc...
What is radiographic density? The degree of blackness in a radiograph
What is subject density?? The ability of the different tissue densities to absorb x-rays
What is radiographic contrast? differences in radiographic density between adjacent areas on an image
What is Radiographic detail The diagnostic quality when the interfaces between tissues and organs are sharp
What is contrast medium? A substance used to "highlight" an organ.
What is positive contrast media? A substance that contains a higher atomic number, which absorb more x-rays, Thus fewer x-rays penetrate the patient and expose the film
What are the 2 types of positive contrast media? Barium Sulfate and water soluble iodides
What is Negative Contrast Media? things such as air, oxygen, and carbon dioxide which all have a low atomic # thus appearing radiolucent (Black/darker) on a finished radiograph
What is scatter radiation? When an x ray photon strikes an object it can do one of 3 things, pass through it, be absorbed by it, or bounce off of it producing scatter radiation
Which way does scatter radiation travel? it can travel in ANY direction including upward from under the table upward toward your hands
What is a double contrast procedure? A procedure using both positive and negative contrast mediums to image an organ or area
What is focal film distance? The distance measured from the target of the x-ray tube to the radiographic film or plate
What is a dosimeter badge? a device used to measure an absorbed dose of ionizing radiation
What is RAD? Radiation absorbed dosage
What is penumbra? fuzziness of a radiograph due to stray x-rays
What is milliamperage (MA) Controls the amount of radiation generated by the x-ray beam
What is mAs? The time of exposure
What is kilovoltage (kvp) The voltage applied between the cathode and the anode
What is fogging?? Decreased radiographic density due to low grade light leaks, scatter radiation, heat and improper handling
What is an oblique view? usually a 45 degree angle positioning used to set off an area that would normally be super imposed over another area
What is VD view? ventral-Dorsal view,
What is DV view? Dorsal-Ventral view
What is Lateral view? Body area situated away from the median plane or midline
What is Dorsal Palmar view? From the top of the front foot through to the bottom
What 4 factors affect the proper scale of radiographic contrast? 1. Subject density 2. KVP level 3.Film contrast 4. Film fogging
Radiographs that show a long scale of contrast show what? A few black and white shades w/ many shades of gray
radiographs that show a short scale of contrast show what? black and white shades with a few shades of gray
Denser tissues such a bone absorb greater or lesser amounts of xray and appear black or whaite on a finished radiograph? Greater/ White
Less dense tissues such as lung tissue absorb greater or lesser amounts of xrays? and appear black or white on finished radiographs? Lesser/ Black
As Kvp increases the scale of contrast gets longer and there is more or less exposure latuitude? MORE
The national council on radiation protection & measurements recommends that the dose for occupationally exposed persons not exceed how much per year? 5 REM
The MPD for non-occupationally exposed persons is what percent less than than theat of a person who is occupationally exposed> 10% OR A TOTAL OF 0.5
During the entire gestation a fetus should not receive more than how much REM ?? 0.5
What is REM? Roentgen Equivalent in man
What is SV? Sieverts
What is RAD? Radiation absorbed dose
What is FFD? Film Focal Distance
What is ALARA? As low as reasonably attainable
What is MPD? Maximum permissible Dose
What is OFD? Object Film Distance
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