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T/RS 121 Midterm Study Guide

Mesopotamia Had 1st Written Language
Hittites Invaded Egypt
Egypt Stable until 1500 BC
Assyria Conquered Israel
Ninevah Capital of Assyria
Babylonians Conquered and Exiled Judah
Nebuchadnezzar King under which Babylon Conquered and Exiled Judah
Cyrus the Great Ended Babylonian exile
Abram/Abraham Father of Israelites/Father of Jews
Sarai/Sarah Abraham's Wife
Hagar Sarai's Slave-girl
Ishmael Abram and Hagar's Son
Isaac Abram and Sarai's Son
Jacob Name changed to Israel
Esau Lost Birthright to Younger Jacob
Joseph Israel's Favorite Son
Moses Free's Israelites from Egypt
Yahweh/I AM Name of God
Aaron Helped Moses free Israelites
Jethro Mose's Father-in-Law; suggested Judges and Laws to keep people in order
Saul First Non-Prophet King
David Saul's Heir
Bathsheba Had Sex with David
Uriah Bathsheba's Husband
Solomon Last United King
United Monarchy United Ruling of Israel and Judah
Philistines Were in Power in Canaan during "Power Vacuum"
Jebusites Controlled Tribe of Jerusalem
Jews Decedents of Judah
Three Divisions of Christian Bible Old Testament, Apocrypha, and New Testament
Three Divisions of Old Testament Historical Books, Poetry/Wisdom, and Prophets
Genesis Creation of World to Israelites in Egypt
Exodus Moses free's Israelites to Ten Commandment's
Leviticus Entire Book of Law's
Numbers Wanderings of Israel in the Desert
Deuteronomy Restates Laws, ends at edge of Promised Land, and Moses Dies
Joshua Leads Israel into Promised Land
Judges Story of Various Judges who Rule Israel
1-2 Kings David's son Solomon becomes King, the Country is divided after Solomon, Israel is Conquered, and Judah goes into Exile
Psalms Collection of hymns and Poems used in Worship
Psalm 8 We are Created In the Image of God
Psalm 51 Hymn of Cleansing: "Create in me a Clean Heart"
Amos Condemns Cities Surrounding Israel and Judah then Criticizes them
Hosea Asks Israel and Judah to Repent
1259 BC Egyptian-Hittite Treaty
c 1030 BC Israel Becomes Powerful
c 1010 BC King Saul
c 928 BC Kingdom Divided
722 BC Assyrian's Conquer Israel
586 BC Beginning of Babylonian Exile
516 BC End of Babylonian Exile
70 AD Destruction of Second Temple
Covenant with Noah Would Never Again Flood World
Abrahamic Covenant God Promises Abraham Land in Canaan, Decedents, and Blessings to Nations
Mosaic Covenant Keep my Laws and be Faithful to me
Davidic Covenant David's Lineage would Rule Forever
Etiology Story Explaining why something happened
Enuma Elish Babylonian Creation Story
Tiamat Enuma Elish
Marduk Enuma Elish
Power Vacuum After Egyptian and Hittite Empires crumble
Promised Land Land Promised to Abraham by God
Canaan Land Promised to Abraham by God
Pentateuch Greek: Five Books
Torah Hebrew: Laws
Passover Angel of Death "Passed Over" Israelites
Decalogue Another name for 10 Commandments
Suzerainty Treaty Example is 10 Commandments
Mt. Sinai Moses received 10 Commandments
Messiah/christ Anointed One
Idolatry Worshiping Another God
Second Temple Period Time between Return from Exile and 70 AD
Septuagint 70 Books
Created by: adiokid
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