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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Ch 6-7 Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby Chapters 6 & 7 Reading 2009-11-12 adiokid 10 0 edit
Bracketing History 25 dates everyone should know History 2012-10-17 adiokid 25 0 edit
WWII Dates Dates significant to WWII U.S. History 2010-04-22 adiokid 8 0 edit
The Cold War Begins Flashcards for Chapter 22 of "The American Vision" CP US History II U.S. History 2012-10-17 adiokid 55 0 edit
The Gas Laws Flashcards for Chapter 14 Section 2 of "Chemistry" for CP Chemistry Chemistry 2012-10-17 adiokid 2 0 edit
Their Eyes Watch God Their Eyes Were Waching God Flashcards Vocab Chap. 1-5 Academic Vocabulary 2012-10-17 adiokid 27 0 edit
Informal mandatos Informal commands in Spanish; CP Spanish II Spanish 2012-10-17 adiokid 22 0 edit
El cuerpo/The body Body parts eg. hand, foot, in Spanish; CP Spanish II Spanish 2012-10-17 adiokid 25 0 edit
Yearbook Terminology Yearbook terms; CP Student Publication: Yearbook Unfinished 2012-10-17 adiokid 24 0 edit
Beowulf Vocabulary Beowulf vocab from CP British Literature & Composition 12 Academic Vocabulary 2012-10-17 adiokid 18 0 edit
De viaje/Of travel Vacation vocab from CP Spanish III Spanish 2012-10-17 adiokid 29 0 edit
Imperfecto/Imperfect The Imperfect in Spanish CP Spanish III Spanish 2012-10-17 adiokid 30 0 edit
El Futuro/The Future Future endings and irregular stems from CP Spanish III Spanish 2012-10-17 adiokid 15 0 edit
Frankenstein Pt. 1-2 Frankenstein by Mary Shelly Parts 1 & 2 Academic Vocabulary 2012-10-17 adiokid 16 0 edit
Oficios/Jobs Jobs in Spanish CP Spanish III Spanish 2012-10-17 adiokid 15 0 edit
Ch 1&2 REA 095 Burlington County College REA 095-500 Ch 1&2 English Vocabulary 2011-09-08 adiokid 20 0 edit
First 36 Elements The elements Hydrogen thru Krypton Chemistry 2012-09-12 adiokid 36 0 edit
Key Acids Some Key Acids for learning Ternary Compounds Chemistry 2012-10-15 adiokid 7 0 edit
Ternary Trends The trends in naming ternary compounds Chemistry 2012-10-15 adiokid 5 0 edit
Unit 5 Elements Extra Elements to know for Unit 5 Chemistry 2012-10-17 adiokid 5 0 edit
Old Testament in 15 T/RS 121 OT in 15 minutes Religion 2014-02-14 adiokid 23 0 edit
Midterm T/RS 121 Midterm Study Guide Religion 2014-03-14 adiokid 73 0 edit

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