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Which drug contracts the uterine wall, expels the placenta and encourages milk Oxytocin
Which drug is related to overdose causing weakness, ataxia, shaking and seizures? Insulin
What kind of insulin is okay for both dogs and cats? Caninsulin
Which insulin types is to be given to cats only? Glargine or PZI (Protamine Zinc Insulin)
What drug treats hypothyroidism? Synthroid
What drug treats hyperthyroidism? Tapazole
What is the generic name for Synthroid? Levothroxine Sodium
What is the generic name for Tapazole? Methimazole
What is Anipryl used for? Antifungal for hyperadrenocorticism
What is the disease name for hyperadrenocorticism? Crushing's disease
What is the generic name for Lysodren Mitotane
What are some side effects of Testosterone? Prostate disease and perianal tumors (but uncommon)
What is Testosterone used for? Infertility, hypogonadism, incontinence and male alopecia
What is the generic name for Cheque Drops? Mibolerone
What is one rule to administering Cheque Drops? Animal has to go through its first heat
What is the use for Mibolerone? Prevents estrus in dogs for false pregnancy
What drug can cause the hormones to go out of whack? Cheque Drops
What are the trade names for Progesterone and Megestrol? Ovaban and Ovarid
What is the use for Ovaban? Blocks estrus, skin/behavior problems and synchronizes cattle
Name the side effects for Progesterone Hyperglycemia, endometrial hyperplasia, increases appetite
What is the trade name for Medroxy-progesterone? Depo-provera
Which drug helps prevent aggression, spraying, roaming and false pregnancies (by postponing estrus) Medroxy-progesterone
What are some side effects of Depo-provera? Pyometra and mammory changes
The generic name for Prost, Lutalyse and Cloprostenol is.. Prostaglandins
Which two drugs synchronize cattle? Prostaglandins and Progesterone
What are the side effects of Lutalyse? Sweating, abdominal pain, dyspnea, panting and tachycardia
What does FSH stand for? Follicle Stimulating Hormone
What are some side effects of FSH? Endometrial hyperplasia, superovulation, follicular cysts
Which drug is no longer on the market? Estrogen
What was estrogen used for and what were its side effects? Mismating, side effects were increased appetite, mammary enlargement, PUPD and prolonged estrus
What does FSH do? Induces ovarian follicles
What does LH stand for and what does it do? Lutenizing Hormone which causes ovulation of mature follicles
What does GnRH do? Causes the release of FSH and LH from the anterior pituitary gland.
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