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nursery lanscaping

Unit 1: Introduction to Nursery and Landscaping Industry

attractive to the human senses Aesthetic
working for one’s self Entrepreneurship
grouping plants on the basis of their water needs Hydrozoning
a licensed professional who practices landscape planning, usually on a scale larger than residential properties Landscape architect
a professional who carries out the installation of landscapes Landscape contractor
a professional who devotes all or part of a work day to the design of landscapes Landscape designer
the extended care of existing landscapes, usually under terms of a contract Landscape management
a profession involving the design, installation, and maintenance of the outdoor human living environment Landscaping
any place where plants, shrubs, or trees are grown either for transplanting or grafting stocks; a group of young plants or trees in a plantation Nursery
a service based industry which serves by providing plants, materials, and supplies for businesses and/or individuals Nursery industry
an FFA Career Development Event that allows for competition in the different aspects of Nursery/Landscaping Nursery/Landscaping CDE
the practice of using plants and other materials for decorative purposes Ornamental horticulture
working for someone else Placement
an FFA award for students conducting an SAE Proficiency
techniques of landscaping that conserve water Xeriscaping
a service based industry which serves by fabricating environments where people can live, work, playprimarily outdoors or in interior settings that seek to suggest outdoors, or just pass time; these environments are Landscape industry
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