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Affenpinscher Toy group
German Shorthair Pointer Sporting Group
Akita working group
Afghan Hound Hound Group
Flat Coat retriever Sporting Group
What were Terriers originally bred to do? Hunt and Kill
Cocker Spaniel Sporting group
Boxer working group
Basenji Hound Group
German wirehaired Pointer sporting group
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel toy group
Golden Retriever sporting group
Alaskan Malamute working group
Gordon Setter sporting group
Basset Hound hound group
Airdale Terrier terrier group
Irish Setter sporting group
Labrador Retriever sporting group
Beagle hound group
Doberman working group
Chihuahua toy group
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever sporting group
Great Dane working group
Bloodhound hound group
American Schnauzer terrier group
Vizsla sporting group
Komondor working group
Borzoi Hound group (sight hound)
Weimaraner sporting group
Bull Terrier terrier group
Mastiff working group
Cairin Terrier terrier group
Dachshund Hound Group
Greyhound hound group
Maltese toy group
Norwegian Elkhound Hound Group
Parson Russel Terrier terrier group
Newfoundland working group
Rhodesian Ridgeback Hound group
Irish Wolfhound Hound group
Papillon toy group
Rottweiler working group
Otterhound Hound Group
Scottish Terrier terrier group
Saint Bernard working group
Pekingese toy group
Siberian Husky working group
Standard Schnauzer working Group
Leonberger working group
Staffordshire Bull Terrier terrier group
Pomeranian toy group
Portuguese Water Dog working group
West Highland White Terrier Terrier group
pug toy group
Wire Fox Terrier terrier group
Yorkshire Terrier toy group
Shih Tzu Toy group
American Eskimo Dog Non-sporting group
Swedish Valhund Herding Group
Boston Terrier non-sporting group
Australian Cattle Dog Herding group
What color is the chow chows mouth usually?? Black
Bulldog non-sporting group
Chinese Shar-pei non-sporting group
What is the correct term for a dog with a short head? Brachycephalic
Bearded Collie herding group
Chow Chow non-sporting
What are the 4 types of ears that dogs can have? Erect * Floppy * Semi-Erect * Cropped
Australian Shepard Herding group
Dalmatian non-sporting group
What are the 4 types of coats a dog can have? Short * Long * Soft * wiry
Lhaso Apso non-sporting group
What are the 4 types of tails a dog can have? Feathered * Curly * Docked * Short Haired
Border Collie herding group
Standard Poodle non-sporting group
What is the correct term for an animal with an average head? Mesatacephalic
Xolointzcuintli non-sporting group
What sizes does the Xolointzcuintli come in? Small, Medium, and Large sizes of this dog have been bred
Cardigan Welsh Corgi herding group
Keeshond non-sporting
What is the primary purpose of the MISC. breed group? This is where newly registered breeds are put before they are designated an actual breed group
French Bulldog non-sporting
German Shepard herding group
What were dogs in the working group originally bred to do?? perform jobs, such as Guarding, Pulling sleds etc...
What is the correct term for an animal with a long tapered head? Dolichocephalic
Old English Sheepdog herding group
What is one major difference between the bearded Collie and the Old English Sheepdog? The Old English Sheepdog has NO tail
Pembroke Welsh Corgi herding group
What is one major difference between the cardigan welsh corgi and the Pembroke welsh corgi? the Pembroke welsh corgi has NO tail
Puli herding group
What is one difference between the Komondor and the Puli? The Komondor is ALWAYS white, the Puli comes in a variation of colors
Bouvier Des Flandres Herding Group
What ancestral trait to most dogs in the hound group share? being used for hunting i.e using acute sense of smell to follow a trail
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