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Large Animal Med

What is the vet tech's main role when working with livestock/production medicine? Help the vet maintain a safe food supply for the world
What is a parlor and give an example of one Area where the cows are milked Herringbone, open side, polygon, rotary/carosel
How many phases are in the dairy cycle? 4
Why is it important to not clean the entire udder when prepping a cow for milking If you wash the whole bag, then the bacteria will run down to the teats
What is pasteurizing? Promptly heating and cooling of milk to remove bacteria without affecting the flavor
What is homogenization? Breaking down of fat globules thus preventing creaming
What is the difference between a cold confinement barn and a warm confinement barn? Cold confinement: just a shelter, same temp as outside Warm confinement: a shelter that is warm and insulated compared to outside
What is a pig brooder? An area in a pen where there are heating lamps for the baby pigs to get away from mom
What is a lagoon? Area underneath the barn that hold pig excrement
What two types of animals are primarily used to protect herds of sheep? Dogs and lamas
What are 2 differences in temperament of goats and sheep? Sheep are flock animals and not friendly Goats are more solitary and are usually friendly
What is the common way to restrain piglets for castration Hold them upside down by their back legs
What is our most common form of restraint for horses? Halter and lead rope
What is our most common form of restrain for cattle? Squeeze chutes
What is the difference between a manual twitch and a natural twitch? Manual is done with your hands and natural is done with the help of a tool
What is withdrawal time? The time it takes for a drug to be removed from the animal's system
The most likely natural response of a horse to a fearful situation is to: A bite B kick C lie down D run away D run away
Horses are primarily handled from the right or left side? Left side
Restraint of which part of the horse is the most important for control of the animal? The head
Improper use of an ear twitch can potentially result in Breaking the cartilage in the ear
Where are mechanical twitches applied to a horse? The upper lip
When sheep are frightened, their most common response is to Run away
Blindfolding a pig usually causes them to what? Walk backwards
The pulse rate is taken by palpating what? Arteries
If you see hay in a ruminants stool is that normal or abnormal? Abnormal
What is the ultimate goal of reproduction? To have live neonates
Why is a breeding soundness exam important to perform BEFORE breeding season? When doing one on a male, what are 3 specific things that we look at or test for? Tells us if the male is going to be able to breed with the herd Scrotal circumference BCS Weight Look at the penis and the sheath Sperm exam
What is the most common way to diagnose pregnancy in large animal? Rectal palpation or ultrasound
What is the correct presentation of a neonate during birth and why is this position so important? Head diving, to properly break the bag and umbilical cord
Unlike small animal, why is it so important to note all markings on an animal and have them in their record? Because it is the main way we tell them apart bc they come in as a herd
Name one breed of draft horse Brabant (Belgium) Clydesdale Percheron Shire Suffolk Punch
What is the breed of horse that has striped hooves, mottled skin, 7 different recognized coat patterns, and white sclera? Appaloosa
In order to be considered a miniature horse, what height in inches can they not exceed? 34 inches
What is a mule a cross between? Male donkey and a female horse
How long is the average gestation period for a horse? (a range is fine) 305-365 days-breed dependent
Is it ideal for horses to have twins? Why or why not. No, they cannot usually support both
Why do we commonly do uterine cultures or biopsies in mares? They can have silent infections which do not allow them to carry a pregnancy
What is a gelding? Castrated male horse
What is a patent urachus? When the abdominal wall has not closed all the way and they will urinate through it
What is meconium? A neonates first stool
Why MUST foals receive colostrum from their mothers? No antibodies are passed over the placenta
Give an example of how looking at a horse's teeth can give us an estimate of their age. Occlusal angle infundibulum Galvayne groove 7 year hook
How is standing surgery different from regular surgery? Patient is not completely under anesthesia, they are just heavily sedated and can still move and kick.
How is standing surgery beneficial to the owner of the animal? Costs less No transportation of animal needed Quicker recovery
Why does standing surgery make it more difficult for the vet and their team? Poor lighting No good sterile field Working at odd angles Can be kicked or hurt
Why are anticholinergics not commonly used in horses during surgery? They slow down the GI tract which can increase bloat or cause colic
List 2 ways that preanesthetic prep is different for large animal versus small animal. Wash out mouth Place IVC before drugs Shave area before Take off shoes Wrap feet Wash and groom horse Braid tail/mane and wrap
Why is recovery so dangerous in large animal and what preventative measures do we take? They want to get up now! Use Xylazine and Ketamine to wake them up slower Place helmet Keep lights down No noise Light touch
What is the purpose of a Caslick's procedure? Keep feces out of the vagina so they do not get infections
What does BVD stand for? Bovine Viral Diarrhea
What viral disease do we test for during a bull reproductive exam with the sterile saline and long pipette that goes in special packaging for the lab? Tritrichomonas
Commonly seen in the urine of cattle after they give birth; we associate it with DKA Ketosis
Commonly seen after a cow gives birth and the calf is nursing. Hypocalcemia
Sickness caused when cows eat things that they shouldn't; place magnets to treat it Hardware Disease
Caused by the Bovine Herpes Virus 1; AKA Red Nose Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis
Very serious disease that affects cloven hooved animals only; it is reportable to the state ve : Foot and Mouth Disease
Commonly seen in younger cattle, secondary respiratory infections are very common. Bovine Respiratory Disease
Caused by a prion; the cattle become easily agitated and may sit like dogs; AKA Mad Cow Disease Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
Normal flora of the respiratory tract get out of control under times of stress and develops into upper respiratory infections or pneumonia. Shipping Fever
Caused by Moraxella bovis; can vaccinate against it Pink eye
Infection of the uterus Metritis
Infection of the udders Mastitis
Because cows do not like to keep anything in their body that is supposed to be there! These are a progressive disease usually associated with calving Prolapses
Puncture wound in the mouth or on the head and neck that causes masses. Lumpy Jaw
Between the claws becomes swollen and may produce draining tracts. Usually happens from cattle standing in unsanitary conditions or from trauma to the foot. Foot Rot
Swelling of the muscle in the legs, causes necrotic tissue and death; causative agent is usually Clostridium Black Leg
Extreme diarrhea; can cause death in a calf in 24 hours due to dehydration Scours
Also known as Paratuberculosis; zoonotic=Crohn's Disease in humans Johnes Disease
Causes "abortion storms" in a herd; it is a zoonotic disease and can cause undulant fever in humans and possible reproductive issues in females Brucellosis
What is the role of the vet tech in production or large animal meds to keep a safe food supply for the world
Phase one of the dairy cycle the cow or doe gives birth
What phase is the largest phase of the dairy cycle 3
Before milking you should clean the teats with.. Iodine
A cow/Calf producer raises calves for sale to feed lots
Commercial feeders are classified as having more then ____ cattle 1000
When restraining the legs of a foal positioned in lat recumb, the restrainer should hold the foals legs where around the pasterns
When dillite bleach is applies to stall surfaces for disinfection what is the proper procedure apply the dilute bleach , air dry, no rinsing
Natural animal marking include all but expect Freeze band
common spot to tattoo a horse inside upper lip
normal ruminants should have how many rumen contractions 5-6 per min
The menace reflex in foals is not present until about when 2 weeks after birth
in normal delivery the hooves should face which way the ground
a normal foal should nurse how often 1-2 hours
The leading cause of death in neonates foals is neonatal bacterial scptocemia
Typical clinical signs of most uterine infections in the mare include.. no external signs, silent infection
the most important info that is obtained by a colic exam is what observation of bowel movements
when placing a dose syringe in the mouth the syringe should be positioned how between the the lips then directed caudally between the cheek and the cheek teeth
The best way to avoid accidental carotid artery injection when giving an IV jugular injection is to. insert the needle alone, if dripping jugular if squirting artery
the horse tht is very sweet and sturdy and great with children morgan
The SQ milk vein is seldom used for blood draws why it tends to form thrombosis after sample is taken
Intramammary infusions are used for Treat mastitis
In beef industry a seed stock prouder raises cattle for sale cow/calf produces or other seed stock producers
the term for pigs giving birth farrowing
mohair is made from goats
what is our most valuable and reliable equipment in LA ropes
Mechanical twitches should not be applied to Ears Lower lip Foals All of the above All of the above
the key anatomic part of a bovine animal that is used to help heard and direct them is the shoulder area
A squeeze chute may be used for what ruminate animal cattle
which of the following animals can be successfully restrained by technique of "setting up" sheep
the primary defense mechanism of swine is biting
in addition to other techniques we will sometimes use _____ to aid our restraint in horses stocks
the proper location to apply a hog snare or snubbing robe is around the upper jaw
casting is? using rope to bring animals to the ground
a cattle prod should only be used on heavily muscled areas
what is estrus synchronization when animals heat cycles are altered to fit a specific breeding schedule
the preferred bedding for patient with respiratory allergies would be shredded paper
bedding made from wood products must NOT contain black walnut
1000lb horse drink how much water per day 5-10 gallons
taking a rectal temp of a horse after a rectal exam will result in what falsely lower temp reading
The large size of equine heart tends to amplify the sound of blood moving though the heart calves producing a common heart murmur know as what ejection murmur
a skin pinch test that takes 8 sec and a crt of 6 sec indicates severely dehydrated horse
A "hand" is equal to 6 in
the pulse of swine can be palpated at all of the following locations expect cartoid artery
in what stage of labor is the fetus delivered stage 2
stage 2 of labor (parturition) in horses should normally last 20-30 min
the equine placenta normally should pass when right after birth of the foal
the place where you microchip a horse is where nuchal ligament
During a neuralgic exam pinching or pricking the skin lightly with a blunt instrument to stimulate twitching of the cutaneous muscles of the neck and trunk is refereed to as the panniculus reflex
Horseshoes may be used for all of the following purpose except to stop hooves from growing
the portion of the horseshoe nail that is folded over the flat against the hook wall to hold the shoe securely to the hoof is called what clinch
Which of the following muscle groups should NOT be used for IM injections in horses that are race training pectoral muscles
which type of blood is needed or blood gas sample arterial
normal synovical fluid is what color clear
the atlantooccipital space is easier to enter if the head and neck are.. flexed ventrally
bandages, splints and cast are all methods of external coaptaton
what is a cause of roaring broken tracheal rings
which diagnostic test may be used to obtain a somatic cell count of milk milk culture and sensitivity
which of the following methods of local anesthesia does not provide analgesia for surgery through the flank "L" or line block
a method of castration performed without incising the skin is referred to as closed castration
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