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VTA 150 QUIZ 12/19

operant cond..human animal bond, dominance theory

define and spell anthropomorphic the attribution of human emotion and characteristics to animals
what is positive reinforcement? adding something to encourage a behavior
what is negative reinforcement? taking something away to encourage a behavior
what is positive punishment? adding something to discourage a behavior
what is negative punishment? taking something away to discourage a behavior
Give an eample of how positive reinforcement is used Giving a dog a treat when they sit on command
give an example of negative punishment not giving a dog food when it begs
What is the dominance theory? The theory that like a wolf pack dogs instinctively see the owner as part of its pack and to gain the dog's respect and get it to behave, the teory states you must dominate your dog so it sees you as the alpha of the pack and is scared into submission
How is the dominance theory used in training> techniques such as the alpha roll, cuffing, scruff shake are taught to overpower and intimidate dogs to submission stating that the owner MUST be the "alpha" dog of the pack
how do behaviorists feel about using the dominance theory in dog training?? many find it to be unnecessary, dogs are more motivated by rewards, being, treats, praise, toys,etc, and are not taught to fear the owner, the dominance theory can also cause aggression in some dogs
define operant conditioning??? refers to the association of a particular activity (the operant) with either a punishment or reward
Created by: Adeprey4311